Obama Rails Against Unequal Pay While White House has Larger Gender Pay Gap Than Rest of D.C.

Obama can rant and rave about how the GOP hate women and want to go back to the 50’s when women could be put in their place, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They hate women so much that they think women deserve a smaller paycheck compared to their male counterparts working the same job.

But what Obama won’t address is the White House’s own pay disparities between men and women employees. ABC News reported:

The latest U.S. Census statistics show that, on average, full-time working women earn 77 cents to every dollar earned by men nationwide — a gap that has held fairly steady during Obama’s presidency.

By other measures, such as comparing men and women in a single type of job or accounting for factors like education and family status, the pay gap is much smaller.

While “secrecy” has been a factor in some pay discrimination, experts say the biggest culprit behind the 77-cent figure is a broader social disparity between women and men in the roles they assume — types of occupations they pursue and income levels they achieve in certain professional fields.

But in the White House, the disparity isn’t much better. According to the American Enterprise Institute, women get 88 cents for every dollar a man makes. In the surrounding D.C. area, women get about 95 cents for every dollar a man makes.

And besides that, Obama’s 77-cent figure is sort of like the “90% of Americans” who want universal background checks and the “97% of scientists” who think cow flatulence and human breath will cause the end of civilization. The Fact Checker on the Washington Post gave Obama two Pinocchios:

Obama is using a figure (annual wages, from the Census Bureau) that makes the disparity appear the greatest—23 cents.  But the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the gap is 19 cents when looking at weekly wages. The gap is even smaller when you look at hourly wages — it is 14 cents — but then not every wage earner is paid on an hourly basis, so that statistic excludes salaried workers.

Wages shouldn’t be something the government is involved with. It’s supposed to be a private contract between employers and their workers. Employers should be free to pay their employees as much or as little as they want, and as long as the employer pays according to what he agreed upon, his working relationship with his employees should be free from government intervention.