White House Opposes Special Envoy For Religious Minorities In The Middle East

Who is the US’ most friendly ally right now? Supposedly we have NATO allies and are friends with Western democracies. But while some of the leaders of those countries want to support US State Department bureaucrats, many of their people think attacking Syria is insane (I wonder why?) and resent us for eavesdropping on them.

But we have another pack of allies. Saudi Arabia leads the pack of Middle Eastern countries as one of our “closest partners.” They are completely on board with the White House Administration’s goal of toppling the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria. They have been supporting the “rebels” by sending them weapons and even fighters. The results have been tragic for the Christians who have lived in Syria for generations. Our own government rulers, like John Kerry and John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi, knowingly support a regime change that is now resulting in the torture and murder of Christians. As Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom points out, the Christians do not have their own militias.

“But they are not simply suffering collateral damage. They are being deliberately targeted in a religious purification campaign — one that the United States government finds convenient to overlook as it supports Syria’s rebels and praises Saudi Arabia as one of our ‘closest partners.’”

So while John Kerry lies about Assad killing 100,000 of his own people (many of  the homicides have been inflicted by the “rebels”) and postures the US as the moral umpire of the universe, he and Obama are quite ready to lead a coalition of killers to exterminate Christians from Syria. They get away with this by ignoring it and telling lies of omission and commission. They scream about real and imagined crimes on the part of Assad and pretend we don’t all know what the Al Qaeda-dominated “rebels” are doing to people.

Thus, the administration is ardently opposed to allowing any official voice be given to these suffering martyrs.

“For a second time, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed legislation – by an overwhelming margin – to establish a special envoy focusing on the rights of religious minorities in parts of the Islamic world, with priority given to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The Obama administration opposes the legislation, and the previous bill died in the Senate after a Democratic senator placed a hold on it, citing State Department advice, and then-Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) declined to hold hearings on the matter.”

Quite frankly, this is a weak bill. It makes no mention of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, or even Syria. Nevertheless, any person appointed to pay official attention to how religious minorities are treated would be a huge risk to the government policy. There would be every likelihood such a person would, indeed, call attention to atrocities against religious minorities in Syria.

The governments agenda is to simply keep the Christians quiet as they are raped, tortured, and killed in Syria by US sponsored terrorists—and the same for Alawites and Shiites and others. A “special envoy” focused on religious minorities would crash the party.