Obama Promotes $7/Gallon Gas to Fight Global Warming

Fight global warming by oppressing the poor!

On Friday, Obama was in Burma touting a plan to fight global warming by charging more for gas. You’d think that this “advocate for the poor” that Democrats like Obama think themselves to be would be all for keeping energy costs down instead of up, but that’s not what they’re really after.

They’re not for making things more affordable. They’re after “weaning” people off of energy. They’ll do it by enforcing high energy taxes that only the 1% can afford. They’ll do it be instituting energy rations and limits.

For this reason, Obama’s doesn’t like the idea of subsidized energy. Well, unless it’s one of his “green” buddies like Solyndra. He and his Democrat friends are trying to shift the balance of power from the “fossil fuel” industry to the Green industry.

From the Daily Caller:

 “The countries that are most efficient in energy use, not only do they not subsidize energy — in fact, they tax energy use,” Obama said. “So you look like — in a country like Norway, which produces a lot of oil, but gasoline there is still $6 or $7 a gallon, which in liters — who wants to do a liter conversion for me?”

“Anyway, it’s very expensive,” Obama added.

Obama’s remarks came after he rather ironically bashed Asian countries for subsidizing energy use. Obama himself has come under fire from conservatives for subsidizing green energy companies, some of which went bankrupt and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

“Now, oftentimes this is with the best of intentions,” Obama said. “The idea would be we want to make gasoline cheaper or electricity cheaper so that poor people can afford it. The problem is that when you subsidize energy, there’s no incentive to use less energy.”

“So typically when you have a lot of fuel subsidies, those economies are very inefficient in how they use energy, and they generate more pollution,” Obama said, touting Norway’s high gasoline taxes.

He’s actually all for subsidizing energy if it’s produced by one of his buddies. Then, he’d be arguing that it’s a “natural human right” that Republicans want to take away from the sick, the poor, and the elderly by removing government subsidies.

The Democrats’ goal is to completely bankrupt the fossil fuel industry and grant their “green” buddies a monopoly. And they’ve been trying desperately to use global warming (something that hasn’t been observed in nearly two decades) to do it.