Obama Pollster Can’t Handle The Truth & Doesn’t Want You To Know The Truth

One of the more memorable movie quotes came from A Few Good Men.  Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessup is on the witness stand being grilled by Lt. Kaffee played by Tom Cruise.  The scene goes as follows:

“Lt. Kaffee: ‘Colonel Jessep, did you order the Code Red?

Judge Randolph: You don’t have to answer that question!

Col. Jessep: I’ll answer the question!

[to Kaffee]

Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Lt. Kaffee: I think I’m entitled to.

Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Lt. Kaffee: I want the truth!

Col. Jessep: You can’t handle the truth!

Evidently, Joel Beneson, President and CEO of Beneson Strategy Group can’t handle the truth either and doesn’t want anyone else to know the truth.  Beneson is a key Obama pollster and supporter who must be feeling like the effects of the 2013 drop in Obama’s approval ratings.

In a recent statement, Beneson said that reporters should go this next year, 2014, without reporting any of the public polling data because they lack the right context.  When asked about his New Year’s resolutions, Beneson replied:

“Here’s one — with a variation, if mine is too extreme: Go one year without reporting any public polling data.”

“Rationale: Most public polling continues to be reported on strictly from a topline, horserace-type perspective that does nothing, or at best very little, to illuminate the news of the day.”

“Go one year without reporting any public polling data that doesn’t provide in an in-depth analysis of the underlying dynamics that are truly shaping the data.”

Do you think the fact that Obama’s approval ratings went from 53% at the beginning of 2013 to below 40% in some polls by the end of the year?  And isn’t it coincidental that if the media listened to Beneson’s suggestion, Obama’s next public approval rating would not be reported until after the 2014 midterm elections?

Why didn’t Beneson make his recommendation when Obama’s ratings were increasing and riding high?  It’s because not only can’t he stand to hear the truth, but he doesn’t want America to hear or know the truth either.  He and other Obama supporters with the help of the liberal mainstream media are doing their best to keep the truth hidden from most Americans.  They know that if we knew the truth about many of Obama’s dealings that not only would Democrats lose every election, but Obama might be arrested and imprisoned for crimes against the nation and humanity.