Obama Pimps the U.S. Economy for Arab Terrorists

America fails to heed the lessons learned from doing business with our enemies. Like a common pimp controlling a prostitute Saudi Arabia’s Oil has our nation in a twist and our government refuses to break free of Arab influence. The Sheiks are now turning away from America and are creating new alliances less concerned with acts of terror directed at U.S. interests.

Decades of dubious U.S./Saudi relations began to unravel on September 11, 2001 spurring U.S. investigations into Arab financial activity and its ties to terrorism. Our intelligence community efforts revealed that Saudi oil money (Saudi Arabia is the number three supplier of oil to the United States economy) washed by Islamic Charities was being used to fund terrorism directed at Western interests for over a decade. Limited government action was taken to shut down or seize the assets of these charities, however the architects and puppet masters of Islamic charity finance are still operating overseas protected by Islamic ideologues.

From 2001 through 2004 a token decrease in United States oil purchases from Saudi Arabia followed, but not a bomb was dropped on our old friends and they are laughing at us today. The United States continues to overestimate Saudi Arabia’s loyalty and tolerate covert use of oil money to finance Islamic terrorist groups. Since 2009, U.S. oil purchases from Saudi Arabia have increased and the Saudi economy continues to grow at over 6.8% (2011 Saudi GDP Growth percentage).

Saudi Arabia is the number two oil producing nation in the world and had a 2011 Gross Domestic Product of 577.6 billion dollars ($20,504 per capita).

It is now 2012 and President Obama refuses to drill on U.S. soil and tell the Arabs to go pound sand. Our President is aiding and abetting Islamic economic jihad and its goal of bringing down the U.S. economy. The Obama Administration continues to sacrifice U.S. economic interests through a shameless energy policy that has increased Saudi oil revenues which in turn are used to finance the growth of traditional Islamic ideology in the United States. It is not American’s who are addicted to Middle Eastern oil it is our President. Ask yourself why?

Immediate relief for our economy can be found through drilling our own oil. Increasing domestic oil production will create thousands of jobs removing many Americans from the roles of the unemployed while reducing government dependence on Arab Oil. Keeping our petrochemical dollars in the U.S. will deprive our greatest ideological enemy the valuable resources it is using to weaken our international influence and national security. No other U.S. industry possesses the power to improve our economy as quickly as Big Oil. Why then are they vilified by the left and attacked by our current President?

Oil sales account for 75% of Saudi government revenues; revenues that are now being invested to further Saudi interests in military hardware diversification.

Prior to 911 the United States held a monopoly on Saudi Arabia defense establishment business. The Saudi’s were locked into an uncomfortable but necessary relationship with our infidel nation. For decades, Saudi owned American Jets and missile systems required training, maintenance and parts made in the USA and a military alliance with America provided protection to Mecca and Medina from Saudi Shiite enemies. After 911 Saudi Arabia began distancing itself from the United States and diversifying its military hardware purchases.

In order to please Islamic sensibilities the American military presence in Saudi Arabia has been slowly eliminated and with it an alliance that shielded U.S. military technology secrets from prying eyes. Beginning with a 2007 Saudi purchase of Russian missile defense weaponry our so called allies in the “War on Terror” are sending a devious message to the American government: What will become of your precious military secrets now that Arab loyalties have shifted to Moscow and the U.S. is no longer needed? Clearly balance of power is shifting in the Middle-East as Americas laughable influence is manipulated into extinction.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s number one financier of global terrorism and they have never been a U.S. ally in the war on terror. History has proven that Saudi Arabian dedication to U.S. interests is a fallacy of Arab/American relationships; Arabs only trade with Infidels to cultivate Islamic financial superiority. Muslim Nations are betraying their fidelity to our nation of infidels and economic jihad flourishes as President Obama willingly prostitutes the U.S. economy to the Wahhabi Kings and Princes of Islamic Terror.