Obama & The Perfectly Timed Capture Of A Benghazi Suspect

The essential ingredient of politics is timing.” – Pierre Trudeau

Watching an enemy fall is just wonderful. I don’t mean that in a gratuitous way, in which hatred dominates the victory, but rather in the same way a war is won. After a dogged fight, after the dust settles, when someone who deserves to fail has failed, it’s an oddly satisfying feeling. In politics, however, failure isn’t always permanent–and that’s what scares me.

Conservatives have known from the beginning just who Barack Obama is. A simple perusal of his history as a senator, and his associations with some terrible people (Rev Wright, and Bill Ayers), told us that the “hope and change” being offered by this man was underpinned with a dark agenda. But the left has a monopoly on the media, and therefore, has a monopoly on the minds of the average, politically unstudied American. Because of this, Obama cruised to victory, despite his past.

After five years, however, even the most profound liar cannot always hold the trust of the people. Obama is drowning in scandals. From the IRS, to the NSA, Obama can’t turn around without a new scandal popping up. Most recently, his scandals have been military themed. The deplorable treatment of soldiers waiting for treatment at the VA caused Obama to negotiate the release of Bowe Bergdahl. As it turned out, Obama knew all about the issues at the VA, because he mentioned them all the way back on his 2008 campaign trail. To obscure the VA scandal, and make it appear as though he cared about vets, he pulled Bergdahl out of the hands of the Taliban. Unfortunately for Obama, Bergdahl’s release caused an even bigger controversy. Accusations of traitorous and anti-American behavior on the part of Bergdahl have led many to become outraged at the fact that Obama traded five extremely dangerous terrorists for this one possible traitor.

Right in the midst of the Bergdahl trade failing to quell scandalpalooza (TM), news has broken that a suspect in the Benghazi attack has been apprehended. Hooray! Obama is such a great guy! He truly cares about…Benghazi? Yes, Benghazi, the event the Obama administration has been pretending didn’t happen for the last two years. Once again, though, this perfectly–and some might say suspiciously–timed event smells fishy. According to Breitbart:

CNN’s senior international correspondent Arwa Damon, who spoke last year with Ahmed Abu Khattal, the suspected mastermind in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans, said not only was he not in hiding but he actually offered to speak with American officials about the attack.”

Hmm, how odd. This man, who allegedly participated in the Benghazi attack, was completely available to do in person interviews, and yet wasn’t apprehended by the United States until now? Well, that all seems above board! Certainly Obama wouldn’t have taken this man into custody only when it was politically expedient to do so! Roll eyes.

How many perfectly timed events can this administration orchestrate before they are exposed as the manipulative liars they are? Well, according to recent polls, Obama’s approval is making its way downward. It’s gotten so bad that even Chuck Todd remarked that the American people are telling Obama that his “…presidency is over.”

Timing is the essential ingredient of politics. Unfortunately, perfect timing can also be the essential ingredient of president’s downfall. Here’s to hoping that this oh-so-perfectly timed capture doesn’t fool the mainstream American audience, and that Obama’s lowering approval rating sticks this time around.