Obama Outsourcing Grant Money Overseas While You Look For Work and Lose Your Home

While 26 million Americans are either out of work or underemployed, and millions are losing their homes to foreclosure, our loving and caring government is sending millions of dollars overseas in the form of grants.

Earlier this week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a meeting in which the Republican members attacked the EPA and demanded answers for the millions of dollars in taxpayer funded grant money they have been sending overseas.  Fred Upton (R-MI) chairs the House committee and opened the meeting with the following statement:

“There is nothing in the Clean Air Act directing the EPA to send tax dollars abroad, and the American people would not be pleased to know we are subsidizing foreign projects at a time when millions of Americans are out of work and the national debt just eclipsed $16 trillion.”

Ed Whitfield (R-KY) Energy and Power Subcommittee Chair added:

“The American people sent us to Washington to clean things up and this is just one example of where we can all agree — that this money should be spent here at home rather than in China or Indonesia.”

According to both congressmen, the EPA alone has given out $50 million in overseas grants in 2010 and 2011.  Some of those grants include:

  • $305,849 to the Ukraine to retrain former Newly Independent States weapons scientists.
  • $141,450 to China to study pig manure.
  • $400,000 to Indonesia for the Breathe Easy Jakarta program.
  • $1,226,841 to the United Nations to help promote clean fuel.

After citing these figures and grants, Whitfield told the committee:

“We can’t maintain our roads, bridges and domestic programs, but yet we have money to give China to study swine manure.  Something doesn’t smell right in this situation.”

The EPA representative at the hearings, Craig E. Hooks tried to counter the Republican claims of wasteful spending by saying:

“While the EPA’s investment in international grants is comparatively small, these grants play an important role in protecting the health and environment of American citizens.”

“They support cooperation with other nations in reducing emissions of transboundary and global air pollutants affecting the United States, thereby increasing the nation’s environmental protection. They also serve broad foreign policy interests.”

By broad foreign policy interests, Hooks is referring to the facts that China and some of the other nations receiving EPA grants hold large amounts of U.S. Treasury securities.  China alone holds $1.1 trillion of U.S. Treasury securities and could place the U.S. in serious economic distress if they called in those notes.

Never before has the United States faced an economic and employment crisis like the one we are in.  The Great Depression was bad, but the current situation could very easily result in the total and complete collapse of the U.S. economy which would take most of the world economy with it.

Obama and his cronies continue to tell the American public that they are doing everything they can to cut spending and balance the budget, yet why is it that it’s the Republican members of Congress that are the ones to bring up wasteful spending like the EPA loans?

And who is it that is accusing Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs overseas?  They need to look inside their own house before they start chuckin’ stones at others.  Every time I see or hear things like this, I can’t help but compare the Democrats to the Sheriff of Rottingham in the movie, Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  There is a scene were Prince John tells the Sheriff:

“Save me, save me! Hurt them, hurt them!”

And the sheriff replies:

“Right! Save them, save them, hurt you, hurt you! I’ve got it!”

The American people are shouting:

“Save us, save us, hurt them, hurt them.”

And the Democrats are replying:

“Right!  Save them, save them, hurt us, hurt us!  I’ve got it!”