Obama Officially Arms Radical Islamists

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a piece about the United States shipping F-16’s and Abrams tanks to Egypt as part of a “foreign aid” package (see “Obama to Arm Muslim Brotherhood, But You Can’t Own An AR?”). Many liberal readers questioned the credibility of my claim that President Obama’s State Department intended to supply the Egyptian leadership—aka The Muslim Brotherhood—with our latest military technology. As predicted, the shipment was announced on the Friday of Inauguration weekend and according to reports arrived in Cairo this past Monday; so much for our ongoing war on terror.

While our economy continues to hemorrhage and our government continues to borrow to pay our bills, liberals all over the country should feel a deep sense of pride; pride in knowing that your vote for Barack Hussein Obama was a vote to empower and arm our terrorist adversaries. By the way, these adversaries to which I refer don’t support liberal morality, gay anything, women’s rights, abortion and free birth control. They are simple people with a few simple causes: The destruction of Israel, the fall of the United States and an Islamic caliphate.

While the Obama Administration ignores the drowning U.S. economy/unemployment, attempts to strong arm federal weapons bans and arrogantly ramps up efforts for a renewed vote on the controversial United Nations Arms Treaty, our national debt was recently increased to arm our Islamist enemy in Egypt.

According to the State Department, Egypt has always been an important part of our Middle Eastern security apparatus and the recent arms shipment was just a continuation of thirty years of dedication to Egypt’s Democratic rule. This is the very same alleged security partner that now supports terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, is reaching out to strengthen its bond with Tehran and is fighting U.S. efforts to enforce a decades old Israel/Egypt peace treaty.

It bears mentioning that for the last thirty years, Egypt had a U.S./Israel friendly government. Former President Mubarak (although corrupt and cruel) required our weaponry to protect his country against its overthrow, not by Israel, but by the very same terrorists—i.e. sitting President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood—who are now in charge of Egypt’s Sharia based Democratic regime. And President Obama gives them jets and tanks to celebrate his Inauguration? Shouldn’t this be throwing up red flags for our National Security Community? Clearly, our President is shipping arms to our terrorist enemies. Is nothing against the law in the United States anymore? Shouldn’t someone be asking if President Obama has violated the Patriot Act? Wouldn’t this classify as giving aid and comfort to our terrorist enemy?

Terrorist (noun) somebody who uses violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate others, often for political purposes.

Former peace loving Muslims all over Europe are aggressively and effectively undermining established laws and cultures paving the way for radical Islam’s growth and the destruction of European security. All over the world, Islam is violently spreading its tentacles and enveloping its adversaries including U.S. global interests. Al Qaeda—as predicted—shifted its resources to Iraq, Africa, Philippines and South and Central America while Obama syphoned U.S. military resources away from engaging our enemies so that he could placate peace loving American liberals during an election year.

Now the Middle East is on fire with Islamist aggression and our President focuses on American gun regulation and Immigration reform? Al Qaeda is growing in numbers and financial resources. Africa is exploding in violence. Countries like Egypt, that used to play nice, are now controlled by Islamists who possess the will and weaponry to see Americans and Israeli’s murdered and weakened. Drug cartels from south of our border are building alliances with Islamist terrorists; after all they know how to gain access to the poorly guarded U.S./Mexican border. A border—Obama and the DHS—claim is protected and secure. And some people still wonder if Iran will ever get a nuclear weapon? With Obama as President, it is now a certainty.

Each and every day that this nation ignores the subversive activities of its own Executive Administration we move one step closer to America’s demise. There is not one reasonable explanation for arming the Muslim Brotherhood other than that Obama supports them. Period! So for all of the Obama voters out there, who are still high from inauguration weekend, enjoy it while it lasts. Violent Islam and its terrorist brothers are growing their influence in America courtesy of the man you re-elected.

How proud of an Obama vote will you be in four more years when your country is openly governed by the same ideologies that attacked our nation and forced us to go to Afghanistan and Iraq and pursue our Islamist enemy? Will your liberal reproductive rights and sexual freedoms still be a priority? Or will you just blame it on conservatives again?