Obama Obscures Scandal With MORE Scandal!

Chris Conti said: “Misdirection is the key element. We can create a space where we give them something to look at to take their mind away from what they really should be seeing.”

The Fourth of July is celebrated every year with vibrant fireworks displays. The night sky is lit up by dozens of simultaneous explosions. Every burst of sound is painted with a different color; creating an incredible visual experience. When we pack up our blankets, and walk away from the show, we rarely remember one particular firework; instead, we remember the entire experience. If there were one, singular giant explosion of color in the sky, we would remember it in detail, but multiple objects team up to form a blur of distraction; an overload of details. The same idea is true in politics.

Every administration has scandals–merited or not–that scar the reputation of the Party in power. Recently, the Obama administration has been mired in a sudden burst of scandals, the likes of which haven’t been seen in some time. First, there was the emergence of new evidence in the Benghazi cover-up. Then, there was the IRS scandal; involving the targeting of Conservative organizations. Now, there is yet another scandal involving the government seizing the phone records of the Associated Press.

All three of these stories are coming up at the exact same time, despite all three of them being old news–so to speak. Benghazi took place last year; the IRS incident has been going on since 2011; and the AP phone records seizure took place months ago. It was suggested by Michelle Bachmann that the breaking of the IRS story was acting as a cover-up for the real story: Benghazi. But I think something even crazier is in the works.

Politics–especially, and specifically in the Obama administration–is all about misdirection. Obama has misdirected the American people on numerous issues: Obamacare, immigration reform, tax increases on the middle-class, etc. There is not a single major issue that Obama has not lied about.

With all of these major scandals looming–and presumably known to the President–a strategy had to be put together. With the help of the compliant media, I believe that the administration decided to leak all three major scandals at once in order to muddy the waters. It’s a classic misdirection: there are so many balls in the air at once, we have no idea where to look.

There is the possibility, of course, that with the serious nature of the Benghazi scandal, Obama needed multiple distractions. It is possible that Benghazi is the big fish of the three. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Because with all of this happening at once, in several months, the memory of what happened will be obscured behind a cloud of dust. Americans will remember scandal, but the details will most likely escape them. When the time comes for the 2014 mid-term elections, Americans¬†will see commercials for Democratic candidates; vouching for their trustworthiness; and all the problems of the Obama administration will be swept under the mental rug.

This strategy is being employed, not to protect the President, but to protect all Democrats. The mid-term elections are about 18 months away, and one Democrat’s scandal is every Democrats’ scandal.

Dust is being kicked up intentionally in order to save the mid-term elections. It’s a smart strategy, considering the shortsightedness of our electorate. Don’t let the dust stop you from seeing, and seeking the truth. Look at the details of everything; explore each scandal, and remember the specifics. Come 2014, we’ll need them.