Obama and The Myth of The Wage Gap

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

Politics is a game of perspectives. You can have all the facts and all the analysis on your side, but if the opposition puts just the right spin on the situation, you’re screwed. If we were a nation who took time to observe the facts, and seek the truth, conservatism would be just fine. However, we are a nation of sound bites and Daily Show watchers. We have no desire to do our own research because we believe we are being told the truth.

We are a nation of children. When you’re a kid, you take your parent’s word as gospel truth, and for a hefty portion of Americans, the media has become a parental figure. Now, when a massive percentage of the media is run out of the government (I exaggerate…or do I?), a similar percentage of child-like Americans will be brainwashed into thinking that Obamacare is financially sound, the rich haven’t earned what they have, and child slaughter is the divine right of every woman. Either that or they’re as hollow as a Halloween pumpkin, and have no clue in general.

There is no better and more current example of this phenomenon than in Obama’s next agenda: the wage gap. One of Obama’s more recent talking points is the alleged wage gap between men and women. It is alleged that for every dollar a man makes, women only make 77 cents. That stat has been around for a long time, but very few people bother to ask how that conclusion was come to. It’s just stated over and over again by the media, and repeated by insipid Americans.

The wage gap can be attributed largely to men, and women making different career choices. The misleading statistic is based on a simple average of male, and female working hours. That’s it. It doesn’t take into account any variables which would contribute to possible wage differences completely unrelated to discrimination. To echo, and reinforce my point, according to Christina Hoff Sommers, of the Daily Beast:

“It [faulty statistic] does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. When all these relevant factors are taken into consideration, the wage gap narrows to about five cents. And no one knows if the five cents is a result of discrimination or some other subtle, hard-to-measure difference between male and female workers.”

Sommers then shows a chart by Georgetown University Center on Education And The Workforce, which lists the university majors which often lead to the most profitable careers. These majors are dominated by men. She then shows a list of the majors which often lead to the least profitable careers. These majors are dominated by women. It’s a simple comparison. Some of the more male dominated majors include petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering. Some of the female dominated majors include early childhood education, social work, and counseling psychology.

Men and women are often drawn to different careers. These career choices are reflected in their earned wages. Given this information, which has been firmly established as accurate analysis, why would Obama continue to use an extremely misleading statistic? The answer is obvious: manipulation. By using this false statistic, Obama can get the votes, and support of people who don’t know any better, people who simply believe what they are told by the mainstream media.

Yes, the media is deeply corrupt, and yes, Obama is a liar, but so much blame can be laid at the feet of Americans. It is in our ignorance, and absolute unwillingness to challenge ourselves to find the truth, that we have handed our country over to these thieves, and liars. Wake up, ignorant Americans! You’re embarrassing the rest of us and actively destroying this country.