Obama May Have Nominated A Muslim To Head The CIA

The United States funds and staffs one of the most intimidating foreign and domestic intelligence gathering machines in the world. The big three of information gathering the NSA, CIA, and FBI employ tens of thousands of people whose primary mission is to protect America from our foreign and domestic enemies. The National Security Agencies (NSA) operational costs are classified, however between the CIA and the FBI our country spends 60 billion dollars annually to spy on and investigate anyone U.S authority’s target.

I am a little tired, so, I will politely ask you to roll with this. U.S citizens tolerate having phone calls monitored, e-mails mined, internet usage tracked, financial histories stored, and our associations documented; just to name a few of the minor inconveniences Americans put up with to keep freedom safe.

Recently, an arguably less than credible former F.B.I Official has suggested that back in 1996, John Brennan, President Obama’s current nominee to head up the C.I.A. may have converted to Islam when he was the acting Saudi Arabian Station Chief for the C.I.A… Given the ideological and religious lines drawn in our war with terror, I would like to know if the future head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is a Muslim. Moreover, I, an American citizen, am wondering why I have to ask that question.

Seventeen years have passed since Brennan was overseeing C.I.A operations as Station Chief in Riyadh while our nation has seen three different men as President. Twelve years have gone by since a Muslim financed al-Qaeda terrorist cell manned with 17 Saudi and two Yemenis Islamists committed the worst act of domestic terror in U.S. history. The American military have been fighting terrorists and insurgence for 13 years and our government, our intelligence community does not know if John Brennan is a Muslim?

Essentially John Brennan has spent his entire career—his only career—In the intelligence community. Therefore, it is understandable that there is very little public information available on his family and personal relationships. After all, he is a potential target for terrorists.

Why is it that our government, the people that overlooked Muslim terrorism growth during the 90’s, the people who have managed ignore a sub-prime mortgage/hedge fund crisis that cratered the world’s largest economy, spent our country into 17 trillion dollars in debt, conveniently forgets to ask the future the Presidents nominee for C.I.A Director what church he goes to? Does he like spare ribs? What color is your prayer rug? Do you believe in the world supremacy of the Islamic faith? Come on.

Given our war on Global Islamist terror, I would think, any person nominated or vetted for Director of CIA, would be asked if they are a Muslim. I mean, really. No one in the confirmation process inquired–somewhere between waterboarding and blowing up Americans without the benefit of indictment and a trial—has asked John Brennan, if he is a Muslim convert. Nope. Can’t do that. That would be insensitive and show America’s anti-Islamic biases.

The American public has the right to know if this man faces Mecca and prays to Allah five times per day before he is given the reigns of our C.I.A… Then again that might be too much to ask for from an intelligence community that cannot tell us if a sitting U.S. Senator from New Jersey short-changed an underage Dominican prostitute for services rendered.

Why won’t they tell us?