Obama Losing Support Among Major Group of Supporters

Obviously too little too late, a post-election poll reveals that one of President Barack Obama’s stronger support base is already eroding and may actually cast further doubt on the legitimacy of his re-election.

There were six basic groups of people that were responsible for Obama’s re-election: blacks, Hispanics, women, young adults 18-29, stupid, and those responsible for voter fraud and intimidation.  Among those groups, there has been a drastic decrease in Obama support.

Young adults 18-29 may finally be waking up and facing reality.  Compared to the 2008 election, there has been an 11% decrease in Obama supporters over the past 4 years in this age group.  This is the largest decrease for any specific group of voters in a four year period for an incumbent president that won re-election.  With the election being as close as it was in several key swing states, it’s a shame that the percentage wasn’t higher.

When you listen to the mainstream media, you have the feeling that there isn’t a young adult in the whole of America that wasn’t an Obama supporter.  But then would you really expect them to tell you the truth?

So what can the historic decrease be attributed to?

One source says that a large part of that decrease in the young adult Obama supporters could be due to an organization known as Generation Opportunity.  Considered to be one of the nation’s largest grassroots social media organization, their primary purpose is to reach out to the 18-29 year old young adults and mobilize them to make a difference in America.  They have teams working throughout the country that have been informing and talking to millions of young adults and evidently making an impact on a number of key issues.

In June 2011, Generation Opportunity launched their current campaign to inform young voters about the problems of big government and increased spending.  With so many of them becoming dissatisfied with the broken promises of the Democratic Party, they wanted to offer them an alternative solution.  The group has a very successful Facebook page which has reached over 4 million ‘Millennials’ with over 1 billion page views.

Paul T. Conway, President of Generation Opportunity comments about the change in Obama supporters, saying:

“President Obama saw the highest defection rate from his margin of support in 2008 of any age group among young Americans [ages] 18 to 29, who swung away from him by a stunning 11 percentage points.  Underneath these numbers, young Americans are truly reshaping how they think about issues like unemployment, job creation, taxes and regulation.”

“Young people increasingly view the economic policies coming out of Washington through the lens of unemployment, as they, their friends and their family members are experiencing the highest sustained level of unemployment since World War II.  The fact that young Americans will represent 38 percent of the electorate by 2020 makes this all the more relevant.”

Hopefully, they will continue their campaign and reach many more young adults and show them the truth about Barack Obama and his broken promises.  Then by the next election, if we have one, they will be informed voters instead of the hapless victims of Democratic mind tricks.