Why Obama Keeps Amnesty From Black Voters

I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.” – Camille Claudel

The Democratic Party has become the demographic Party. When facts and reason fail, one must divide to conquer, and that’s exactly what the Democrats have done. Telling one set of facts to one demo while telling a different set to another demo. This way, the Party can get the votes of these different groups of people without them discovering just how false the promises of the Democrats are. Oh, the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Vote for us, and we will take them down a peg. Republicans are racists. Vote for us, and we will end racism. Republicans don’t want women to have access to contraception. Vote for us, and we will give it to you for free! It’s a high school game of popularity.

One issue the democrats have been avoiding telling black people about is amnesty. The Democrats have been the Party of amnesty for the last several years, advocating it every chance they get. But, interestingly enough, when talking to the Congressional Black Caucus recently, Obama never once mentioned amnesty, or immigration:

Our work is not done when working Americans of all races have seen their wages and incomes stagnate, even as corporate profits soar; when African-American unemployment is still twice as high as white unemployment; when income inequality, on the rise for decades, continues to hold back hardworking communities, especially communities of color…

So much talk of income disparity, but nary a mention of amnesty, which would disproportionately harm the black community. According to A. J. Delgado of National Review:

The black unemployment rate is almost 11 percent, far higher than that of any other group profiled by labor statistics. African Americans are disproportionately employed in lower-skilled jobs – the very same jobs immigrants take…Why are Democratic politicians disregarding the concerns and needs of black Americans in a push to address the concerns and needs… of foreigners?

There are numerous studies concluding that amnesty would hurt black Americans the most. So where is Obama on this issue? Oh, that’s right, it’s not the right demographic. Obama, and the Democrats have their stranglehold on the black vote, and they don’t want anything to loosen it. Were Obama to tell the truth to the black population, they would turn away from the Democratic Party.

In essence, Obama is lying through omission to the black community. He is playing them like fiddles. He is telling them exactly what they want to hear, specifically regarding income disparity. What he is not telling them is that—behind their backs—he is implementing a policy that would disproportionately hurt their community. What kind of man does that? Oh right, a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot (watch the movie 9 to 5 to get that reference).

To Obama, and the Democrats, the blacks are just another demographic that they can play to win the game. Once the game is won, they continue their business as usual, spending trillions, inciting class warfare, and warping the law to advance their agenda. Obama claims to care oh so much about the plight of the black American worker, but his heart elsewhere. He couldn’t care any less about black people, all he wants is power. And that is clear in the dissonance between what he tells the black community, and what he is planning to do with amnesty. The stats are there, and he’s moving forward anyway, lying all the way.

This is my admonition to the black community: wake up! Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats are using you. They claim to have your best interest at heart, but in reality, their wallet is all that’s close to their heart. They are greedy monsters who have divided you so that they can use you like pawns in a master chess game. They want amnesty so that they can form a new demographic, and gain 11 million new voters. If you knew that, you would revolt, and they would lose your reliably Democrat vote. That, and that alone, is why Obama didn’t mention amnesty, or immigration to the caucus.

It’s time to take your vote elsewhere, because the Democrats are just using you.