Obama Is Right: His System Worked

During Obama’s April 30, 2013 press conference, the President, in response to a question about intelligence and security lapses relating to the Boston Marathon bombings, exclaimed “The System worked.“ As much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with the Obama. Obama’s system did in fact work. Let me explain.Dzo

Obama’s system:

Use the media to vilify anyone remotely suspicious or critical of Islam. Tell the Muslim world that you will stand with them in the end. Refuse to profile Islamists even though 97 % percent of the FBI most wanted lists are Muslims. Do not vet, investigate or verify the legitimacy of asylum requests based on persecution claims for Muslim families. Allow these families to travel regularly to and from the country they claim was persecuting them. After being warned, by Russian intelligence, of this potential terrorist’s questionable loyalties and radical associations, proceed with his citizenship application process. Fail to place this Muslim citizen candidate on terrorist watch list, avoid deporting him for immigration violations like domestic violence crimes then grant citizenship to his family members. Provide welfare benefits exceeding 100 K to his family during his citizenship approval process. Disregard suspicious internet searches for on do-it-yourself Jihad and fail to surveill this suspected Muslim radical as he and his brother carry two bulky black backpacks containing crock pot bombs to an outdoor athletic event in the middle of a major US city.

Obama’s system successes:

Three dead, over two hundred seriously wounded in public terrorist attack and a citywide manhunt for suspects that included the lockdown of the entire Boston community and house to house warrant less searches of private homes with no connection to the terror attack. A carjacking at gunpoint. A running gun battle between law enforcement and the bombing suspects. Finding a District Judge with Muslim sympathies to successfully Mirandize the surviving suspect (at DOJ request), on a Sunday, in a secure hospital room before the FBI can finish its interrogation. Appoint America’s best death penalty defense attorney at taxpayer expense to represent the surviving bomber as he receives taxpayer-funded healthcare. In addition, the discovery of a Saudi national (a member of the Saudi Royal Family) with no connection to the terrorist bombing who was wanted for deportation for undisclosed reasons not related to national security.

Now if I were a President who has a predilection to protect followers of Islam, I too would think our DHS/ICE and law enforcement system worked as well. After all the happy Muslim immigrants turned violent terrorists were welcomed into the US and given special immigration protections not afforded to just any future citizen. Gained acceptance in their communities. Lived relatively uninhibited taxpayer subsidized lives as loyal immigrants, and avoided being profiled and harassed by the US intelligence community. Until, they attacked innocent American citizens celebrating at the finish line of the Boston Marathon

If I were Obama (a man of few admitted faults), I too would praise my FBI and my Department of Justice for their speedy apprehension and commitment to justice. After all, everyone in America, even Muslim terrorists that slip through Immigration, Homeland Security and the Obama FBI, and kill innocent Americans using al Qaeda internet support deserves to remain silent. After all, it follows the best traditions of a fair, unbiased and tolerant Muslim nation. Right?

The lies and the false accolades continue to flow. Ironically, the surviving Muslim terrorist, a new US citizen, was discovered and reported by a Boston homeowner who defied unconstitutional government orders to shelter in place and went outside to have a cigarette. Poor guy lost his boat during evidence confiscation.

Congratulations on another cover up Mr. President. Enjoy your success while you can.