Obama: IRS Targeting Scandal Never Existed

IRS targeting is not the problem, he says. The IRS’ lack of money is the problem.

According to the Democrats, the scandal where the IRS targeted non-profit conservative, tea party groups for special scrutiny never existed. In fact, if there were any scandal involving the IRS, the scandal was all Congress’s for leaving the IRS high and dry and underfunded.

Politicians always think the answer to any problem having to do with their pet government agencies is to increase their funding. Government schools are making kids dumb and dumber, so let’s give the Department of Education more money. Welfare programs are making people poorer and more dependent, so let’s give those programs more money. Thousands of federal employees are looking at child porn at work, so let’s give those agencies more money for “oversight” purposes. Conservative, tea party organizations have been unfairly targeted by the IRS for political reasons, so let’s give the IRS more money. The Washington Times reported:

President Obama defended the IRS Tuesday in an interview with “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, saying the tea party-targeting scandal was actually Congress‘ fault for passing “a crummy law” and that the real problem is the agency doesn’t have enough money.

Mr. Obama, who has overseen a series of scandals at the IRS, the Veterans Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and now the Office of Personnel Management, was asked why government didn’t seem to be working on his watch.

But the president said he’s not to blame, using the IRS as an example of how what went wrong wasn’t his fault, and questioning whether tea party groups were ever targeted.

The IRS‘ internal auditor concluded that the agency did, in fact, target conservative and tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, and Mr. Obama’s own Justice Department is still conducting a criminal investigation into the targeting.

Mr. Obama, though, disputed that version Tuesday, according to the pool reporter traveling with the president.

Mr. Obama said Congress “passed a crummy law” that provided vague guidance to the people who worked at the IRS. And he said that employees implemented the law “poorly and stupidly.”

The president went on to say that the “real scandal around the IRS is that they have been so poorly funded that they cannot go after these folks who are deliberately avoiding tax payments.”

Congress, prodded by Republican leaders, has sliced money from the IRS, saying it’s punishment for wasteful spending and for the targeting scandal.

But the IRS has said those cuts are now affecting its core services such as answering taxpayers’ phone calls during this year’s filing season.

That must have been Lois Lerner’s problem. She just didn’t get paid enough.

But how would the IRS’s alleged lack of funding cause them to single out conservative groups for additional scrutiny? So, if they had more funding approved by Congress, they wouldn’t have gone after conservative organizations?

It figures that when Congress cut their funding a little, that the IRS responded not by cutting their lavish conferences and their other discretionary costs; they responded by not answering phone calls from taxpayers. Just for that, they need to be shut down.