Obama Hints About Raising Taxes for Everyone

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard President Barack Obama say he won’t raise taxes on middle and lower income Americans, I could probably buy a nice new SUV.  If I had a penny for every dollar of increased taxes he has already set in place for middle and lower class Americans, I would probably end up in the top 100 wealthiest Americans list.

It’s a proven fact that Obamacare has a number of provisions that will increase taxes on middle and lower income Americans and seniors on fixed incomes.  Those increases will hit in increments over the next several years and will eventually total over $2,000 per year.

During this year’s election, Obama is repeatedly telling Americans that he won’t raise taxes on middle and lower income families but Mitt Romney will.  He is doing his best to deflect his own intentions on Romney to make Romney look like the bad guy, when in fact it’s Obama who’s the real bad guy.

Listen carefully to this clip from Obama’s recent appearance on the Letterman show.  First of all, Obama seems to have no clue about the amount of the national debt.  He says that when he walked into office we had a trillion dollar deficit.  In fact it was $10 trillion.  Letterman later on asks him if he remembers what the number (deficit) was and Obama avoids answering by saying he doesn’t remember precisely.

But in the last minute of the clip, Obama says that everybody has to do their part in paying down the debt.  Listen carefully:

“I don’t want to balance it solely on the back of middle class families.  I don’t want to gut our investments in education or turn the Medicare program into a voucher just to pay for tax cuts for you and me.  I think it’s important for everybody to do their fair share, to start bringing it down, and in fact we can do it in a pretty responsible way, but it’s going to require a little give on everyone…”

The clip conveniently cuts off right as Obama tells Letterman that it’s going to require a little give on everyone.  If you have listened to Obama’s speeches, talks interviews and campaign appearances, this is his way of saying that everyone is going to have to give a little more.  I don’t know about you, but that equates to tax increases on the middle and lower income families.

In his 2008 election, he promised not to raise taxes on middle income families and then the Democrats tried to do that very thing by ending the Bush era tax cuts.  Fortunately, the Republicans fought hard enough to keep the tax cuts on middle and lower classes.

If Obama gets re-elected, he won’t have to worry about another election or approval ratings, so what makes you think he won’t push to end the Bush era tax cuts for everyone and even push further tax increases on all of us?  I believe that this is exactly what he meant in the statement to Letterman that was so timely cut off.