Why Obama Gives Amnesty To Law-Breakers, But Does Nothing For Those Waiting Legally

Barack Obama gives amnesty only for partisan political reasons.

We live in a nation in which political expedience drives the actions of nearly every politician in elected office. By political expedience, I mean that these politicians act in ways that benefit their long term survival, rather than in ways that would benefit the long term survival of our republic. It’s a move to consolidate power. Obama’s executive amnesty was just such a move, one dedicated not to helping our republic survive, but to help his own Party thrive in the long term.

Democrats need amnesty for illegal immigrants because illegal immigrants are the most likely to use government safety nets, and vote Democrat for the entirety of their lives. Now, at this time, amnestied illegals do not have voting rights, but that will change–just give it time. I’ve mentioned this next quote so many times, I practically have it memorized, but it is the perfect example of the direction in which the left is moving. Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile said on national television that it not fair to give amnesty, but keep certain rights from amnestied illegals:

I don’t think you can create two classes of citizens in this society, one with legal status and the right to vote, and one without.

This is a woman who represents many Democrats, as well as the views of many in the liberal community. They don’t just want to give people a chance to “come out of the shadows,” they want those who broke the law to have the right to vote. This is interesting because not all Americans have the right to vote. Felons lose the right to vote when they commit certain crimes, and given their breaking of federal law to come here illegally—not to mention numerous laws broken once here—illegal immigrants, regardless of amnesty, should never have the right to vote.

According to Daniel Nussbaum of Breitbart:

Roughly 4.2 million immigrants are still waiting to enter the country legally, as wait times for lawful, family-sponsored visas continue to climb despite Obama’s executive immigration action last week…Many had hoped that President Obama would address the massive backlog of family visas with his executive action last week, which offers deportation protection and work permits for roughly 5 million of the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants. However, the President did not directly address the issue, instead creating a task force that will look to loosen the backlog jam.”

Task force equals inaction. We all know this. It’s like a blue ribbon committee—nothing will actually be accomplished by this ambiguous task force “that will look to loosen the backlog.” It’s simply a move designed to placate those who are angry that they have to wait for legal entry, while those who violated federal law are being allowed to stay in the United States.

There’s a reason Obama didn’t address legal immigration in any substantial way: he doesn’t care. Obama doesn’t need legal immigrants, he needs indentured voters. The Democratic Party needs amnestied illegals to eventually gain voting rights, and return the favor by voting Democrat for the rest of their lives, thus shutting conservatives out of national elections in perpetuity.

This is the message being sent by Obama, and the Democrats with executive amnesty: come here illegally, and you will be rewarded. But there is an implicit understanding that those who have been rewarded will someday repay that generous gift with a vote. It’s a nasty tactic, and a thumb in the eye to the millions waiting to come to the United States the right way, the legal way.

Obama has no concern for the people or the republic in which we live. He wants power, he wants his friends to have power, and that is what drives his policy initiatives.