Obama Forces Christians to Violate Faith

Anything that doesn’t represent a pressing Liberal need is considered to be trivial by the Democrat establishment. Nothing means anything outside of their agenda, and they make no bones about it. One of the large issues of the time is the HHS mandate, and a similar motion to force employers to cover not only birth control, but the abortion pill Plan B as well.

Plan B is considered by the Left as birth control—for that matter, so is late-term abortion–but studies have indicated that many times, Plan B actually terminates an already fertilized embryo. In that case, the contraceptive is not in fact birth control, but abortion. Under Obamacare, many Catholic and other religious businesses are being forced to provide their employees with coverage for Plan B—something that violates their faith.

According to Fox:

The Supreme Court announced that it will hear challenges to the mandate from a crafts chain, Hobby Lobby, and a Mennonite-Owned furniture company, Conestoga Wood. Owners of the companies argue that by being forced to comply with the federal regulation the feds are violating their religious beliefs.”

Juan Williams criticizes the argument, saying:

They (Hobby Lobby) are willing to offer contraceptive services…They object to the morning after pill. This seems to be Willy Nilly. You’re opening the door to employers saying, well, you know we don’t like this, but we like that.”

What Juan doesn’t seem to understand is that contraception and Plan B are altogether different animals. This is step one in the larger Leftist agenda of making abortion common, accepted, and even praised. By blurring the distinction between contraception and Plan B, Liberals begin to erase what being human really means. They begin to blur the line that defines the concept of life.

Moreover, this is an obvious violation of religious freedom. That is just another step in the Leftist agenda against Christianity. Once one religious freedom is erased, what’s stopping further damage? If religious organizations are forced to violate their faith even once, or face consequences from the government, is that not oppression? Is that not a restriction of freedom?

Once the definition of life is blurred even more than it already has been, and once Christians are forced to obey either the government or their faith, we’ve lost the moniker of a free society. We have lost our republic.