Obama: “Fine, You Can Keep Your Insurance Another Year, But Not Past That.”

Yesterday President Obama spoke at the White House to announce he’s going to try to clean up the mess created by Obamacare.

That mess, that infamous mess that just keeps getting worse and worse, is that while only 106,000 people have “enrolled” in Obamacare, around 5 million have lost health insurance completely because of Obamacare. That second number is growing at a faster rate than the first number.

So the President is taking Bill Clinton’s advice and “allowing” people to keep their old, non-Obamacare-compliant insurance policies for another year.

But on what authority can Obama do this? What is the point of a congressional branch if the executive branch can just alter whatever laws it wants, whenever it wants, thus creating essentially new laws right from the Oval Office? The Affordable Care Act dictates certain things to private insurance companies. “It’s the law of the land,” liberals like to say. And yes, it is the law of the land. That’s why Obama can’t simply change it willy-nilly. He caused this mess for himself, but now, in truly liberal fashion, he doesn’t want to have to deal with the natural consequences.

In addition, he said in his address yesterday, he will require private insurance companies to promote Obamacare to new customers. A good rephrasing of that is that he will require private companies to encourage customers to buy their competitor’s products instead.

Contemplate the absolute absurdity of that. That’s like telling Coca-Cola that their commercials have to say, “So try Coke today! Or try Pepsi, another fine beverage!” or like telling Nike that their commercials have to say, “But you know, Reebok shoes will make you jump just as high!”

Remember those 40-odd promises Obama has made over the years stating explicitly and unequivocally that under Obamacare, you can keep your own private health-care plan if you like it, “no matter what“? And then remember how, last week, Obama said he was misunderstood by us idiots each and every one of those times? (The New York Times, by the way, America’s most revered newspaper of fine “journalism,” doesn’t even say we misunderstood Obama, just that he “clearly misspoke” and made an “incorrect promise,” a phrase which they have never used before in their entire history of reporting. They created new terminology just to spare Obama criticism.)

Well, here’s the big takeaway of Obama’s speech yesterday: by dictating these new rules to insurance companies that they have to keep people on their insurance for another year (through the midterm elections, conveniently for the Democrats), Obama is saying that your private insurance will be cut after that year. In other words, he is now, though entirely inadvertently, admitting that his “you can keep your health-care plan” promise was a lie. It has now become “You can keep your health-care plan for another year. After that, if you like your health-care plan but it doesn’t comply with Obamacare’s regulations, you will be dropped.” That’s what it means that he’s telling insurance companies not to drop people for another year. If he wanted people to be able to keep their health-care plans “period, no matter what,” then he would tell insurance companies that they can’t drop people ever, not just for the next year.

Obama has turned the disaster that was Obamacare into a truly epic SNAFU. I’m so glad it wasn’t defunded by Republicans, otherwise America never would have gotten to see the increasing mess it has become.