Obama dishonestly writes off over 60% while Romney disappoints 47%

America was overwhelmingly opposed to Obamacare, a gay military and immigration amnesty yet somehow our President by hook and crook forced it on us. Romney on the other hand makes an honest connection between covert graft and votes and he is vilified by the accused. Elegant or not the people needed to hear those words and I’m glad it’s out in the open. That’s leadership.

Somebody needed to put a face on the budget deficits and massive debt crippling our economy and if you’re in the 47% you should be embarrassed. A little humility never hurt anyone. Did you all trade your bootstraps for a government check? The amount of money we waste on the so called “can’t take care of themselves” is obscene. I stand on the grocery lines with them and watch them leave the parking lot in Escalades and Lexus.

Am I supposed to be embarrassed for Mitt Romney’s remarks? Should I be outraged because he is finally saying what should have been said in the last election?

Income has been redistributed through the growth of government debt and eventually somebody is going to pay for it. Romney makes a good point in his off the cuff comments. He recognizes that if he wins, he is going to chap the butts of 47% of Americans because our nation can no longer afford to pay your bills. That includes big corporations that are victimizing the American taxpayer. I applaud him for it, but then again I’m a guy who wore hand me down pants.

I don’t have one darn problem with a vision for America that penalizes those who don’t want to work to support THEIR family. “Through no fault of your own” is something a politician tells you to make you feel good for taking his check while you pledge his allegiance. It’s just like “too big to fail”. Close to 50% of this country votes Democrat and they are at fault for their predicament. Plain and simple. Mitt Romney understands what he is inheriting and he is frustrated with the self-serving stupidity of almost half of our nation. So am I.

If you want to wallow in self-righteous indignation perhaps you should direct it at the current amateur in charge. He is the one who blew 4 years and 5 trillion dollars to put you exactly where you sit. For God’s sake the First Lady openly admits that your kids are overweight slobs not fit for the military. I’ve never seen an overweight starving person so how bad can it really be?

I understand that many hardworking Americans are unemployed, but where is their collective outrage. How can anyone fault Mitt Romney for pointing out the truth? Why isn’t the unemployed gathering on street corners with signs protesting our worthless government instead of sitting home waiting on the next government handout?

Can you imagine if public assistance was treated as a loan? How many of the 47% who don’t pay taxes would be better stewards of their lives and votes if they knew the country eventually wanted their money back? Just because you’re eligible doesn’t mean you have to take it the hand out. America needs to patch the holes in their pants and start living within our means. Don’t expect any more bailouts. The country is broke, the bill is due and it’s time to vote your- self a job not a paycheck.