Obama: “Democracy Is Not Just Casting A Ballot,” It’s Doing What I Want

Who can fail to be sickened to hear Obama lecturing the Middle East about democracy? We were told that a series of food riots were an “Arab Spring.” We were told we must support fledgling democracies. The Muslims in these dictatorships are all yearning to be free, we were told, and we must help them. We even overthrew the secular dictator Gaddafi by providing rebels with guns and air support.

And then what happened? Exactly what anyone should have known would happen! The ability of the Muslim majority to get free of their secular master meant that they could try to form Islamic theocratic states. This is how things are going in Egypt and Libya and other places. It is the story of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a horrible person but he also was a secular ruler who forced Shiites and Sunnis to tolerate each other and provided protections for Christians. Now all that is gone and Iraq, as a Shiite-majority democracy, is becoming a natural ally to Iran.

Obama deals with this situation by using the David Letterman Show to give out civics lectures to the Muslim world:

“Part of what they’re going to have to do is to recognize that democracy is not just casting a ballot, it’s respecting freedom of speech and tolerating people with different points of view…”

How can a man who went to college speak such nonsense? The reason why we have freedom of speech in the United States is because the Federal Government is commanded by the fundamental law of the Constitution to “make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Time and again Congressmen and Presidents have attempted to ban free speech and have been stopped by the courts. Democracy has never been about respecting freedom of speech. Respect for free speech has been achieved by limiting democracy. That’s why we have the principle of free speech enshrined in the Constitution in the First Amendment. It limits what the democratically-elected officers of the Federal Government are allowed to do.

If a Muslim majority in a country votes to restrict speech or elects rulers who limit speech, then nothing can stop them from doing so if they are really a democracy. That’s what “democracy” means! The majority is free to pass any law or elect any ruler that they want. They don’t have to allow free speech and they don’t have to show respect for minorities if the majority doesn’t want to do so. That’s why it is better to have limits on what democracies are permitted to do.

So the only question is, Does the United States government really want the Muslim nations to be democracies? Obviously, no. Democracy in the Middle East in most cases results in hostile Islamic theocracies.

But no one in the US Government will admit to this problem. Instead, Obama tells the world that Democracy means getting to vote for policies and politicians that are approved by the US Government. Everyone knows that such a “democracy” is really just one country dominating another, but Obama pretends he makes sense. Not only do Muslims disagree with us, but they must also despise us as lying hypocrites who preach one thing and practice another.

Obama even said, “We want people to have opportunity to determine their own fates, their own destinies…” I don’t see how such obvious falsehoods can do anything but increase Muslim hatred for us. If we don’t want the Muslim nations to become democracies we should stop pretending otherwise.