Obama Cries About Mass Shooting Victims: “Every Time I Think About Those Kids, it Gets Me Mad”

Was he really crying? Who knows. He’s a politician. They’re known for being pretty good actors.

But whether his tears were genuine or not, his sobbing display was an obvious appeal to emotion. The fact that incidents like Sandy Hook and San Bernardino make his eyes well up with tears doesn’t mean that his gun control solutions will actually do anything to curb gun violence.

I’m a little surprised that he would use this tactic still. He has to know what people are going to say. People are going to say that he’s totally faking it in order to tug at America’s heartstrings. He must be desperate:

It reminds me of the typical liberal response to gun rights advocates about how if there had been a concealed carrier at the scene of a mass shooting, the incident could have been prevented. They’d respond with something like, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you tell that to the victims and their families?!”

They think they’re taking the high road by appealing to emotions and claiming they’re on all the victims’ side. Obama’s doing the same thing. He’s trying to make us think that he’s the only one who cares about murder victims, especially the children. And because he’s crying about it on national television, that means that we should listen to his solutions and do what he says. If Congress won’t act, then he will on his own.