Obama Continues to Bad Mouth and Alienate America’s Police Officers

President Barack Obama continued to alienate our nation’s police officers this week when he addressed the “International Association of Chiefs of Police” during this year’s conference in Chicago. It was interesting that in one of the world’s most dangerous and violent cities, where police “brutality” is the least of residents concerns, the president would take the opportunity to blame police for crime. Once again, Obama and his liberal supporters seem blind to the irony of the situation and his speech. He told the gathered chiefs that racial bias and profiling is probably the world’s biggest problem…

There were times when I was younger, and maybe what I got older but before I had a motorcade, where I was pulled over. And I confessed, I told the chief also, most of the times I got tickets I deserved it. I knew why I was pulled over. But there were times when I did not. But there is a report that just came out and it reminds us there are a lot of African-Americans, not just me, who have that same kind of story of being pulled over or frisked or something, and the data shows that this is not an aberration. 

It does not mean each case is a problem. It means that when you aggregate all the cases you have to say there is some racial bias in the system. Problems of racial justice or injustice had been running themes throughout this country’s history in every institution. By the way, bias and stereotypes often go both ways. 

Eliminating bias is not only the fault of the police alone. The good news is the divides are not as deep as some would like to suggest. I do not know anybody in the minority community who does not want strong effective police enforcement.