Obama Buys Border Fence for Ukraine, Not America

The governors of Arizona and Texas have been asking the Obama administration to build more border fences along the US – Mexican border to help curb the flood of illegal aliens. The standard responses from the Obama administration are that the border is secure, there is no problem and extending the already existing fences are too expensive.

Both Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas have invited and even insisted that Barack Obama visits the border in person. Obama insists that his people have visited the border and keep him informed, but evidently they are not telling him just how bad the problem really is. On Obama’s recent visit to Texas to attend campaign fundraisers, he told Perry that he isn’t in to photo ops. Then turns around and takes a vacation where he does do photo ops with the athletes he was playing golf with. This clearly tells you were Obama’s priorities are.

Have you ever rubbed salt into an open wound and felt how much it stings and hurts? Obama is rubbing salt into America’s wounds and laughing about it as he plays golf.

On June 12, 2014, the State Department was awarded a contract (#SGE50014M0135) to delivery fencing to the Ukraine to help them secure their border with Russia. The contract, worth $435,000 was awarded to B.K. Engineering System from Kyiv. According the posting on FedBizOpps.gov website:

“This order is for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine referenced in the Office of the Vice President’s Fact Sheet entitled ‘U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine’ dated 22 April 2014. This Fact Sheet includes Security Assistance in which the Office of the Vice President announced the provision of urgently needed non-lethal assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to fulfill its core security mission.”

“Concertina (Razor Wire) is necessary for the State Border Guard Service to defend the newly imposed borders between Ukraine’s mainland and the Crimean peninsula and to strengthen Ukraine’s eastern border. The clearance for the use of other than full and open completion is attached.”

Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama don’t give a damn about America’s border or protecting our own country, but we can spend the money to protect Ukraine’s border. That’s evident by the contract being described as ‘urgently needed’ which can only be read that protecting our border with Mexico is not important and not urgent enough to warrant consideration.

It’s also worth noting that Obama hammered Mitt Romney about sending jobs and money overseas, when this contract is awarded to a company in Kyiv (Kiev). Just think of how many Americans could be put to work completing the fences along the Mexican border, but no, Obama would rather provide money and jobs to Ukrainians. The next thing we’ll know, they’ll be voting via absentee ballots in US elections.