Obama Blames Racism…Again

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president…” – Barack Obama, New Yorker Magazine

How often can a single person race-bait? Well, if you’re Barack Obama, the answer is: quite often. Ever since Obama entered the Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton, everything has been defined by his race. Before my darling critics open their mouths, allow me to define my opinion. I’m delighted to live in a country, and in a time in which a black person has been elected by the people. It’s an extraordinary sign of our progression as a nation, and as a people, that race has faded as an issue. That being said, I also understand that racism still exists in small pockets.

Now that I’ve defined my opinion, let me further it. Although racism does exist, it does not have the power it once had. It is not as prevalent as it once was. Most Americans know this, but there are some who not only refuse to believe it, but actively deny it. It is this active denial which helps them further their career. Barack Obama is just such a person.

Obama has seen how well racial division works in our contemporary society. He has used it to promote class warfare, and he has used it as an excuse for his poor performance. Can you imagine a black Republican, specifically a black conservative, claiming his low approval was due to racism? It simply wouldn’t work. The Left would jump on their claim, then go in to list every failure of their career.

Let’s be clear: Barack Obama’s failure as a leader is the only reason his approval is as low as it is. The monstrosity called Obamacare, the sluggish economy, the false unemployment numbers, rising welfare, rising food stamp usage, and his constant lies have driven his approval numbers into the toilet.

The Left loves race-basing. They love to place race at the base of every issue because it helps them achieve their agenda. A black Democrat is elected? It’s in spite of those racist Republicans. A black Democrat is unpopular? It’s because racists hate the fact that a black person is in power. A black conservative is elected? It’s because Republicans need a token. They’re not really black; they’re a piece of promotional material.

Race gives Democrats all the attention. No matter the situation, diverting the conversation to race makes Democrats appear compassionate, and down-trodden all at once. It’s the perfect storm. Race has given the Democrats substantial power. But it’s all a farce. It’s fake. Democrats use race because they know that their opponents are afraid to challenge them once it has been injected into the conversation. Never allow a Democrat to make the issue about race. It’s a cheap trick, and one that must be challenged.

Don’t fear, because no matter what you do, you will be hated. You might as well be hated for being right.