Obama Bans Military Personnel from Entering Churches but Approves of Marching in Gay Parades

The children at Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri wanted to honor the members of the local National Guard unit for protecting their religious freedoms. They planned a celebration and invited the National Guard who were pleased to accept the invitation.

Everyone gathered at the church and the kids excitedly awaited the arrival of the National Guard. But they never showed. Just moments before they were to arrive, the National Guard regretfully told Pastor Kent Hogan:

“[I]f the National Guard had assets on church property, it would look like the National Guard is sponsoring the Baptist religion.”


Under the Obama administration, there is a policy that forbids military personnel from officially associating with any specific church. They don’t want anyone to get the idea that the government is endorsing any one religion over another. One National Guard member who wished to remain anonymous stated:

“It makes me wonder what I’m actually fighting for … I honestly never thought I’d see the day that this would happen in my hometown.”

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council commented about the cancelled celebration, saying:

“Whether it’s erasing a Bible verse on a white board or the banning of pocket-sized Gideon Bibles from an Air Force base, our military service members, under the Obama administration, have experienced an unprecedented rise in the suppression of their religious speech. Members of the Missouri National Guard are now finding out that even associating with church members is enough to trigger a secularist clampdown.”

“Sadly, that day is here, but we must not lose heart. The Armed Forces of the United States have defended our nation for well over two and a quarter centuries. Now it’s our turn to stand up for their right to exercise the very freedoms that they fight to defend. Please call the National Guard Bureau at 703-607-2584 or send an email respectfully voicing your objection to this discriminatory act.”

Perkins pointed out that the hypocrisy of the Obama administration which openly discriminates against Christian military personnel, then openly endorses military involvement in LGBT celebrations, saying:

“It was only last month when President Obama authorized an eight-member military honor guard to march alongside half-clothed people and transvestites in Washington, DC’s gay pride parade. These honor guards are typically reserved for the President, Congress and other state functions.”

“With a presidency that touts equality and anti-discrimination banners, Perkins is amazed at what he sees as an extreme bias that celebrates secular, pro-homosexual groups while demonizing Christian, pro-family groups.”

“While the Pentagon, under this administration, apparently is willing to bend the rules for a gay pride parade that salutes a different flag, they drop the hammer down on a country church planning to hold a patriotic celebration of the military”

“In the times of greatest peril to life and limb, it is a great comfort to know that many of those with whom your life is entrusted share a commitment to each other, to the United States, and to God. Simply put, devotion to moral principles derived from a Higher Power allows for a greater level of trust to exist among members of the military.”

“Therefore, it is with great unease that we at the Family Research Council have noted a growing hostility to religion within the armed services in the last decade. Unfortunately, pressures to impose a secular, anti-religious culture on our nation’s military services have intensified tremendously during the Obama administration.”

The day is here that Christians in America, both military and civilian are being discriminated by our own government and there is a simple reason why. One of the three core foundations that made America strong and free was its Christian foundation. Around 1900, progressive socialists knew that it would take about 100 years to destroy the Christian foundation of America, which was necessary to establish a socialist government. A century later they have succeeded. We are now the discriminated against and are becoming the persecuted people in this country.

Christians are no longer allowed to practice their faith in the military or in business. When we preach and quote the Bible in issues such as homosexuality, fornication, adultery and other sinful lifestyles that are becoming acceptable these days, we are labeled as bigots and using hate language. God’s Word is no longer acceptable in many places. In some places like Dearborn, Michigan, Christians have been arrested and jailed for sharing Jesus in public.

The First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion no longer apply to Christians. No wonder God has withdrawn His hand of blessing from our nation and turned us over to our own lusts, desires and sins. We are living God’s judgment as detailed in Romans 1:18-31!