Obama Allowing Rapists & Murderers To Enter United States To Pressure Republicans Into Passing Amnesty

Leverage is the precise use of power to sway the decision of another. It is the weight that tips the scale. Leverage often takes the form of extortion, placing the weaker opponent in a position of political peril unless they agree to the terms of the extortionist. In politics, leverage is everything–especially when engaging with opponents with whom one has no common ground. Use of leverage isn’t in all cases wrong, nor is it always right. The point which defines the difference–at least, in terms of politics–is whether in the use of leverage, one is doing harm, or allowing harm to come to, the American people, the people whom, as an elected official, one is sworn to serve.

And once again, we’re back to illegal immigration. The Obama administration has declared itself the champion of deportations. Though the administration has, in fact, deported a high number of those attempting to cross the border, they have allowed significant amounts of illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. In reality, the Obama admin has been advancing their agenda of a robust illegal population by refusing to deport. But recently, the admin has essentially allowed a massive influx of illegal children to cross the border illegally.

The influx of illegal immigrants is a result of the admin’s lax border security policy. The administration is simply storing these young people in warehouses, and busing them to other states, such as Arizona, and California. With this behavior, the Obama administration cannot continue to claim that it is strong on border security. It’s all a bit confusing, but that’s the intent.

Obama wants Americans to believe that he is tough on border security, so he increased catch and release policies, while ignoring other deportations. He, and his Democrat acolytes want “comprehensive immigration reform”—aka amnesty—so that they can continue the process which will eventually lead to amnestied immigrants being granted the right to vote. This is all to shift the American voting demographic to favor the Democrats in perpetuity. This cannot be achieved, however, because conservatives are holding their ground. So, Obama is using extortion. He is allowing this massive influx of illegal immigrants to force Republicans’ hands. He believes that this will force Republicans to finally cooperate on amnesty.

You see, the massive influx of young illegals is creating a situation in which border security forces are being stretched too thin. This is allowing dangerous men to enter the United States more easily. These men are murderers, sex offenders, and drug dealers.

According to Joshua Partlow, and Nick Miroff of The Monitor:

“The arrival of large groups of women and children on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande is pulling agents away from their patrol stations elsewhere along the border, creating gaps in coverage that the traffickers can exploit, according to Chris Cabrera, vice president of the Border Patrol union’s Rio Grande Valley chapter.”

Knowing that Republicans want border security above all, Obama and the Democrats are essentially eliminating it, so that the Republicans will cave, and help pass amnesty. In this case, the use of leverage is not only negligent, but morally repugnant. Obama is willfully allowing the cartels, murderers, and rapists to enter the United States with the likely possibility that these people will do some severe damage. All this to advance an agenda.

Obama has left the ball in the Republicans’ court, with his Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying:

“If we really wanted to solve this problem, one good way to do it is for those Republicans to get on board…and support common sense immigration reform.”

Apparently, the massive illegal influx is the fault of Republicans. Earnest is admitting that there is indeed a problem. That’s odd, given that the president has the authority to better enforce border security. If that’s the case, that there is a problem, why isn’t Obama doing anything to stop it? Why is it completely up to Republicans now? It’s a mess of lies, and the pure pursuit of an agenda over the safety of the American people.

Republicans must not give in, but rather pursue criminal prosecution of the Obama administration. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, after all.