Obama Admin Has Put All American Diplomats in Danger Because of One Successful Terrorist Hit

The ongoing saga of the anti-Mohammad YouTube video continues. The story of what caused the Libyan murders of American diplomats keeps changing. Was it a riot, a planned terrorist attack, or a riot that was exploited by terrorists?

Now it comes out that our murdered ambassador, Chris Stevens, “mentioned his name was on an al Qaeda hit list,” in the days preceding the attack, according to CNN. “Stevens specifically mentioned a rise in Islamic extremism and al Qaeda’s growing presence in Libya” according to an unnamed source that, CNN claims, was “familiar with his thinking.”

So a decade after the war “on Terror” began Al Qaeda is producing hit lists and checking them off as they kill off Americans? Do they use a deck of cards?

I don’t understand how Obama can boast about our special forces “getting” bin Laden if we now have Al Qaeda executing successful assassinations on our diplomats. Have we gained any ground in defeating Al Qaeda? It looks like the whole world knows that we are vulnerable and Al Qaeda or some other terrorists have hurt us.

American intelligence officials are investigating, but Matthew Olsen, the National Counterterrorism Center director, said Wednesday that it was unlikely that Stevens and his security team were killed by random protesters.

“I would say, yes, they were killed in course of terrorist attack on our embassy,” Olsen said at a Senate Homeland Security hearing.

So if Stevens suspected he was on a terrorist hit list, why wasn’t their more security? Why weren’t marines with live ammunition used to guard him?

Like many onlookers, I think our entire Libya policy is insane. After all, how many of our diplomats were killed in Libya when Gaddafi was still alive? I realize he was a horrible dictator. But getting him killed so that we could suffer the loss of life from Islamic terrorist attacks makes me wonder who thought our regime-change operation was in the best interests of the United States. What was the point of providing a new opportunity for terrorists?

But since we did decide to overthrow Gaddafi and get him killed, why are we sending out diplomats to dangerous places without adequate protection? This is not just about Chris Stevens. Now the whole world knows that it is possible to kill an American diplomat and get away with it. Every terrorist or would-be-terrorist in the Middle East and elsewhere is hearing about how some Jihadist was able to kill Americans—and not just Americans, but members of the State Department’s diplomatic service. Even apart from the ongoing riots every single one is now in greater danger because of this failure in security. Every other ambassador will now have more fear to deal with, knowing that he or she might also be on an Al Qaeda hit list, and that they have now been encouraged by a success.

The odds are that they will want to try again.