Obama and “12 Years a Slave”: Benefactors of Affirmative Action

If you watched the Oscars for entertainment purposes, I have two questions for you: (1) What’s the matter with you? (2) Do you remember when host Ellen Degeneres made that joke about Academy voters voting for 12 Years a Slave to win Best Picture only to avoid being called racist?

It was interesting that she, being a liberal, would mock something that only a liberal would do, but she probably made the joke not realizing that that is indeed what liberals do do.

As it turns out, it is what two liberals did do. Two anonymous Academy voters have admitted to not even seeing 12 Years a Slave despite voting for it to win the Best Picture award, which it did.

How can one accurately judge a movie to be the best without first seeing it? It is as impossible as judging a song to be the best song of the year without at least once hearing the song. But it’s what these two voters admit to doing. Who knows how many other voters did the same thing and simply chose not to broadcast that fact?

So why did they vote for it? Ellen basically called it during the ceremony: white guilt.

According to LATimes.com, the two voters “said they voted for it anyway because, given the film’s social relevance, they felt obligated to do so.”

There’s also the fact that “The film’s distributor anchored its awards campaign around the line ‘It’s time,’ easily interpreted as an attempt to exhort members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences into voting for the movie because it was the right thing to do.”

With this intimidation by the movie’s makers, and given that everybody erroneously believes a racist is the worst possible thing you could ever be, it’s no wonder the movie avoided any criticism and was given the award just because. It was somehow “important” to make a movie about slavery, which has never been done before.

These two clowns voted for 12 Years a Slave [and 150 Years a Whiner] just because it made them feel better about themselves. They didn’t judge the movie by its content, but by the color of its plot. It was an affirmative-action win, plain and simple.

This is the same problem we see played out in the media every single day. Barack Obama is a truly horrendous president. If all of America’s presidents could be equated to authors, with George Washington being Shakespeare, Calvin Coolidge being Charles Dickens, and Ronald Reagan being Ernest Hemingway, Barack Obama would be James Patterson. He is one step above being literal crap. The media knows this. They don’t praise Obama because they think he’s a good president; they praise him simply because his presidency is “important.”

It’s “important” that the first declared-black president be written about in the history books as being one of the greatest America has ever had; it makes a good story, a romantic narrative. The comparative and absolute dreadfulness of his presidency will never be as significant as the importance of his presidency, so he, like 12 Years a Slave, is spared any criticism.

In this way, President Obama and 12 Years a Slave are both benefactors of affirmative action.