NYC Puts Women at Risk by Allowing Trans Access to All Bathrooms

One of the strategies employed by the left in order to win elections is to victimize. The left repeatedly tells particular groups of people that they are victims of oppressors; and in nearly every case, the oppressors in question are conservatives. The left then tells its little victims that the Democratic Party is the only thing protecting them from the evil conservative oppressors. They tell women that conservatives want to control their bodies; they tell Hispanics that conservatives want them out of the country; they tell blacks that conservatives want to keep them under their boot. It goes on.

The left has successfully utilized this strategy for many years, riding the wave of the most recent cause celebre to their advantage. The last group they manipulated was the gay community. But now that gays have achieved a substantial level of acceptance in society, and won their ultimate prize, marriage, they don’t have much further to go. The left can no longer gin up anxiety about gay issues, so they’ve kicked the gays to the curb, and warmly picked up their latest baby: Transgenders.

Trans is the new gay; it’s what gay was ten years ago. At every opportunity, the left collectively shakes their fists at the sky in faux outrage at whatever the trans/non-cis gender community is crying about. Most recently, the tears are being shed over bathroom usage.

New York has updated its code with new language for employers, etc, regarding what they can and cannot do in relation to trans individuals. One of the rules states that trans people cannot be denied access to bathrooms that may not match their plumbing.

According to, an example of a violation is:

“Forcing a transgender or gender non-conforming person to use the single-occupancy restroom…Covered entities should create policies to ensure that all individuals are allowed to access the single-sex facility consistent with their gender identity or expression…Covered entities should post a sign in all single-sex facilities that states, ‘Under New York City Law, all individuals have the right to use the single-sex facility consistent with their gender identity or expression.’ Covered entities may adopt policies or codes of conduct for single-sex facilities delineating acceptable behavior for the use of the facilities that are not themselves discriminatory and do not single out transgender or gender non-conforming people…Some people, including, for example, customers, other program participants, tenants, or employees, may object to sharing a facility or participating in a program with a transgender or gender non-conforming person. Such objections are not a lawful reason to deny access to that transgender or gender non-conforming individual.”

In essence, it’s “Let the transgendered person use the bathroom they want to use, or you’re in big trouble. Oh, and if anyone complains, they’re bigots.”

I have a question. When the first rape happens, what then? When a man pretending to be a trans woman enters a women’s restroom and rapes her, what will the left do? Whose side will they be on?

There are those who would chastise me for impugning an entire community. First, that’s not what I’m doing. Second, you’re an idiot for thinking that perverted men won’t do everything in their power to use these kinds of regulations to their advantage. Case in point: Jason Pomare.

Jason Pomare, a resident of Palmdale, California, was arrested in 2013 for disguising himself as a woman in order to enter women’s restrooms and record hours of footage for his private collection.

These regulations are a gift to men like Pomare.

But let’s return to my central question. When the first rape happens, or the first arrest for sexual misconduct of some kind occurs, how will the left respond? They’ll do what they always do: Whatever is the most politically expedient.

They’ll take to the internet and print media to “put it all in context.” This was one incident that certainly doesn’t represent the majority of trans individuals, and we shouldn’t oppress a class of good people for the acts of a few. They’ll cry some crocodile tears for women–just to make sure women still believe the left gives a crap about them–and then move on.

It’s interesting, because when I run this scenario through my logic machine, this response wouldn’t fly given the left’s penchant for impugning every single gun-owning American when a deranged individual shoots up a school.

But it doesn’t matter. Transgenderism is the current cause celebre, and the left must attach themselves to it like a barnacle on a ship and exploit it until they can put it in the junk drawer for whatever comes next.