NYC Bypasses Parents to Provide Plan B Morning After Pills to High Schoolers

If you’re the parent of a teenage daughter attending high school in New York City, be warned that the New York City Department of Education has just usurped your parental authority and rights.

Thirteen high schools within the NYC school district will be providing Plan B morning after pills to girls as young as 14 without any parental permission or knowledge.  Supposedly, parents can opt their daughters out of the program, but nothing says the girls still won’t have access when they are at school and away from mom and dad.

The NYC Dept. of Ed justifies their actions by claiming that 7,000 girls get pregnant by the time they turn 17 years of age.  Over half of these pregnancies are terminated by abortions.  Besides, all of the NYC public schools distribute free condoms without parental consent, so why not the morning after pill?

Evidently the school district administrators believe that aborting a fertilized egg is different than aborting an unborn child.  What they forget is that the only difference between the two is size and the only thing different between them and a birthed baby is size and location, nothing more.

A parent practically has to get a signed court order just to send aspirin or prescription medication to school with their child, but the same school is handing out birth control and abortion pills without parental consent or knowledge.  And they are purposely bypassing parents because they know the majority of parents would be against the Plan B program.  Christine Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council said it plainly:

“The truth is, if parents had to be asked before Plan B was given to a girl … probably in most of those instances the girl is going to say Don’t call my parents. That’s just a fact …, and putting [parental consent] in would render the program just de facto useless. We need to get this information and Plan B to girls who need it.”

Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, Rev. Jason McGuire expressed his concern over the school’s undermining of parental authority in an interview with OneNewsNow:

“It’s much more than that. There are spiritual concerns; there are emotional concerns.  Parents should be involved in this conversation — and I am afraid that the bottom line message we’re sending is, Hey, it’s okay if you just practice safe sex.  But the bottom line is that it is not safe sex — it is a dangerous behavior that no child under age 17 can legally consent to in New York.”

“Reports are that only one to two percent of the parents said they do not want their children to receive this. I would estimate that many parents did not even receive the notice to begin with.  Additionally, even when parents said that they do not want their children to receive this kind of Plan B and morning-after pills, [students] can still go to private institutions connected to the schools and get these — so it seems like another end-run around parental rights.”

I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but until the American people wake up and smell the socialism, they have to be told over and over and over about how the liberal Democrats are eating away at traditional values, morals and rights.  The reason for providing condoms and morning after abortion pills to students without parental consent or knowledge is not just about unwanted pregnancies.  It’s also about weakening the bonds of traditional family units.

Progressives or socialists, whichever term you want to use, know that they have to slowly weaken and destroy the fabrics that made America a strong, moral, free and Christian nation.  They have to undermine the Christian foundation and replace it with some sort of secularism, which they have been very successful at so far.

After faith, they have to undermine family.  This is being accomplished at an alarming rate.  Legalizing same-sex marriage breaks up the traditional husband-wife family bond.  In strong traditional marriages, the father-husband is the authority figure, but most forms of media today, especially television, makes father-husbands to be bumbling idiots.  How many situation comedies make the kids look like they’re in charge and know better than both parents?  And now schools and organizations like Planned Parenthood and the United Nations are completely ignoring parental rights by providing contraception and abortions free of charge without mom and dad knowing.

It is all part of a plan to convert America to a progressive socialistic nation and that plan was started over 100 years ago.  The seeds were planted then and growth of the plan was slow for many years.  But in the last few decades, the plan has been gaining momentum and now under Barack Obama and the liberal Democratic Party, the fruit of that plan is ripening and looks to be nearing harvest time.  The only way to stop it is to vote against every liberal progressive there is and not let them into power and that has to start on November 6 at the polls.