NY Times’ Thomas Friedman: Those Who Question Manmade Global Warming are “Trotskyite Radicals”

It would have been more accurate to compare global warming alarmists in the political arena and media establishment to Trotskyite radicals. But the insult is as silly as calling someone in politics you don’t like “Hitler,” something that both sides engage in and justify. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was responding to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation when he shot back some familiar talking points about those “science-denying” “flat-Earthers” who question the politically profitable theory of manmade global warming:

“Let me put it in personal terms. So your son or daughter has a disease and you go to 100 doctors. 97% of them, 97 of the hundred say this is the cause and this is the cure. And 3% say this is the cause and this is the cure. That is what it is on the climate science. 97% of experts say this and 3% say that and conservatives are saying I’m going go to with the 3%. That’s not conservative, that’s Trotskyite radicalism. Okay? That you would go with the 3% and not the 97%. To pick up on something that Heidi said. I don’t like to use the term global warming because that sounds so cuddly. To a Minnesota boy Bob that sounds like golf in February. I much prefer the term global weirding because that’s actually what happens. The hots get hotter, the wets get wetter, the dries get dryer and the more violent storms, for the reasons Heidi outlined, are most likely to become more severe and that is what he we saw in Syria. We saw a four-year drought, worst in Syria’s modern history that preceded the revolution there and produced a million refugees that basically laid the predicate for that revolution.”

The 97% figure is of course a complete joke. And notice Friedman didn’t say anything about the “cold getting colder.” That’s one of those inconvenient truths that these alarmists would rather not talk about.