NY Mayor Says Obama Deporting Too Many Illegals

When Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City, he slung his liberal policies around with the authority of a dictator, similar to what Barack Obama does in Washington DC. Bloomberg wielded his powers to become the food czar of the nation’s most populous city. He has spent millions of his own dollars around the nation in an effort help the liberal left disarm Americans and strip them of their constitutional rights to bear arms.

When Bloomberg ended his reign as King of New York City, blind New Yorkers voted in another liberal, Bill De Blasio, who apparently hates America as much as Bloomberg did. In office less than a year, De Blasio has taken on a more liberal stand on illegal immigration than that of Obama.

If you recall, Barack Obama took it upon himself to stop deporting many illegals. In violation of the oath of office he took to uphold the laws of the land, Obama ordered that all illegals not guilty of felony crimes be allowed to remain in the United States. Consequently, millions of illegals freely walk the streets of America, taking advantage of the resources and benefits that our nation has to offer.

Many of us, like myself, believe that far too few illegals are being deported and allowed to remain here in the US. But not de Blasio. He believes that Obama’s administration is deporting too many illegals and he believes that illegals have the right to remain in the country.

Last Friday, Mayor de Blasio signed two laws that severed all cooperation with federal authorities concerning the deportation of illegal aliens. In signing the laws, de Blasio stated:

“Mass deportation has not only pulled apart thousands of New York City families, it has also undermined public safety in our communities and imposed disproportionate penalties on immigrant parents and spouses who these families depend on for emotional and financial support.”

“Today, we send another message to Washington that the time to act has come to provide relief to so many individuals who contribute to our nation’s growth.”

Excuse me????

It’s the legal immigrants who built this country and made it strong, not the illegal ones. I’ve seen firsthand the effect that illegals have on our country. I’ve seen how they transform family friendly neighborhoods into trashy crime filled ghettos. I’ve seen how they take advantage of the resources intended to help struggling US citizens. In many areas they are draining the resources and coffers of cities, counties and even some states. I’ve seen how many illegals work for cash and instead of paying taxes they send their ill-gotten gain back to their home countries.

I don’t know what ivory tower world of make believe that de Blasio lives in but from what I’ve seen, illegals have done more to destroy America and take away from legal, law abiding and taxing American citizens than they have to build it up. I’ve written before that Barack Obama’s actions for failing to enforce federal immigration laws and how he has aided and abetted millions of illegal aliens makes him guilty of treason. Now I add Bill de Blasio to that list of traitors and pray for the day when he is removed from office and imprisoned for his crime.