NY Black Councilwoman Claims Police Are Going to Exterminate All Blacks

If a black police officer arrests a black person, he’s doing his job.

If a black police officer arrests a white person, he’s doing his job.

If a white police officer arrests a white person, he’s doing his job.

If a white police officer arrests a black person, he’s racially motivated member of the KKK that wants to exterminate blacks from the face of the earth.

At least this is what so many black radicals would have you believe. In their eyes, racial hatred only works one way – white against black – even though they are just as guilty if not more so. This is what Anastasia Robertson, a councilwoman in Troy, New York believes.

After the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Robertson was claiming that ‘AmeriKKKa’ was going to ‘round up and execute’ black people. She is so full of hatred for whites that she recently posted the following on Grio:

“While we believe in peace and reconciliation, as what point do we simply face the facts that AMERIKKKA has no love for the Black Nation and that there is something inherently wrong and that WE have become the race to disseminate and destroy……I believe in the constitution and the rights of all Americans to live peacefully and abundantly, however that is NOT how we live. We have become targets in our OWN land…..No one can remember the last time an unarmed white person has been killed by police…this is bigger than us…It is bigger than the police force….these orders come from high up….We have filled your slave ships and then your plantation, now your jails where for at least the next 50 years you remain gainfully employed off the lives of our brothers and sisters to the point where YOU can afford to simply exterminate us……Mr. President, I love PEACE and I recognize what is right and what is wrong…..if no other time, the time is now to raise your voice and speak freely….WE stand behind you be not dissuade for the enemy is REAL…..Doe Amerikka want a RACE War??? What other message can be ascertained from the directives of militarization against out people irrespective of circumstance or statute, simply be virtue of being BLACK…We are hogs for the slaughter..I am saddened…”

WOW! Talk about unbridled racial hatred toward whites. In some aspects of what Robertson said, she lives what she believes, but not the part of believing and wanting peace and reconciliation. In those areas, her actions outside the council chambers speak far louder than her posted claims.

According to Sgt. Tom Hoffman of the Police Benevolent Association, Councilwoman Robertson intentionally tried to incite a violent response to a white police officer who was speaking to a black woman concerning a domestic violence case. As Hoffman addressed the Troy city council concerning the incident and asking them to investigate and if need be remove Robertson from the council for her actions, Robertson packs up her stuff and walks out of the meeting. Watch the video below and listen to what happened between the officer and the black woman and then what Robertson did and said.

Robertson’s actions did not resemble someone wanting peace and reconciliation. Remember her post where she stated ‘I love PEACE’? What was peaceful about her actions with the white police officer?

It’s people like Robertson that are fueling a growing race war in America. They are also making it difficult for any white police officer to do their job. It doesn’t matter if a black person is caught in the middle of committing a crime or if the black person resists arrest, every white police officer is going to hesitate in their response, wondering if they are about to be crucified like Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. That moment of hesitation may well cost that white officer his/her life, but that would be just fine for Robertson and others like her.