“NRA is New KKK” Says Sports Columnist

Commenting about the murder suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports columnist told Roland Martin of CNN that the NRA is the new KKK.  He also said that we need more gun control and that people that advocate for the freedom to own guns have no concept of the real world and are responsible for arming black youths who get involved with drugs and kill each other.

Listen to the interview:

I take issues with Whitlock on what he said.

First is that they said that if belcher didn’t have a gun that two people would still be alive.  I say that in all likelihood, that is not the case.  If someone is distraught or hopeless enough to want to kill someone else and themselves, they will find a way to do it.  Belcher could just as easily taken a knife and stabbed his girlfriend to death and used it on himself.  He could have beaten his girlfriend to death, which would have caused her more pain and suffering before she died, and then he could have found another way to take his own life such as running his car at high speed into a tree, building or even head on with another car.  He could have taken pills or poison.  If he intended to kill and commit suicide, he would have done it regardless if a gun was present or not.  Trust me, I’ve been there and I thought of a number of ways to take my own life, other than use a gun.

Secondly, Whitlock implies that the NRA and those that support freedom to own guns are also responsible for getting drugs into the hands of black youths (note he didn’t say anything about white or Hispanic youths, only black ones).  He also blames the NRA and gun advocates for situations like the black youth who shot someone else over loud music.  All of these are problems of the culture those youths are being raised in and nothing to do with guns.  If they didn’t have a gun, most likely they would be carrying knives or clubs or something just as deadly.

Focusing on blacks the way he did and calling the NRA the new KKK demonstrates Whitlock’s racial bigotry and hatred for non-blacks.  He makes it sound like it’s all our fault that Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself.  He makes it sound like it’s all our fault that a black kid shot another kid because of loud music.

I think Whitlock needs to take a serious look at the culture these troubled people were in and investigate what led them to do what they did before immediately pointing a finger at an organization that fights to preserve the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  If I, as a white person, started making similar statements about blacks and black organizations, I would immediately be labeled a racist and a bigot.  But when a black person points fingers and blames whites and a predominantly white organization for something that they had nothing to do with, it’s considered okay and part of journalism.

I don’t mind saying so, but I am sick and tired of a racial double standard.  Blacks want equality, but they don’t act like it.  They are quick to accuse and blame others for doing the same thing they feel justified to do themselves.

If I was in charge of Fox Sports, I would hold Jason Whitlock accountable for his racist statements and accusations.  I would not tolerate that kind of talk from a white, black, Hispanic, oriental or any other ethnic group.  I would insist on a public apology and depending upon how he responds, would determine what else, if anything would be done.