Note to Conservatives: Change Really is Possible; Keep Pushing!

Sometimes the situation looks dire. On same-sex “marriage” and some aspects of the Second Amendment, it looks like the opposition is winning.

But we are fighting a multi-front war and one or two issues are not enough to measure our standing. Think about how pro-abortion forces are panicking at the closures of abortuaries. But also, think about the fact that Syria was supposed to already be bombed, but Obama has publicly and visibly backed down before Congress and the Constitution. Suddenly, as a gift from God, 1.) a needless war that was all but certain now appears that it may be averted, 2.) Obama has renounced his plan to publicly violate the Constitution as he did with Libya, and 3.) he has been publicly humiliated by this public admission that he does not have the power to carry out his own will in this matter.

“President Barack Obama addressed the crisis in Syria on Saturday, saying he has decided the United States should take military action against regime targets, but that he will seek authorization from Congress before taking action. ‘I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress,’ Obama said during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden.”

This whole week the media was telling us that Congress was unnecessary. Politico reported that some in Congress had signed a letter, but the way they reported on that letter made it sound too anemic to do any good. I complained about the letter being too tame on that basis. I was wrong. Others realized that real threats against Obama were contained in its polite words:

“If that were all that the letter said, it would be momentous enough. But the statement goes further and labels Obama’s cruel war on Libya as ‘unconstitutional,’ because it was done without so much as a nod to Congress. In the end no lawyer and no court, not even the Supreme Court, can overrule Congress when it decides what to do when it considers a serious presidential action as “unconstitutional.” In Libya Obama usurped the powers of Congress. If Congress takes the next step and determines that such an action rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” then it is an impeachable offense. It is not hard to see the implications of the warning to Obama that the Representatives are issuing in raising Libya. If Obama attacks Syria, that will be the second offense, greatly strengthening the case for impeachment. The implied threat of impeachment is of utmost importance because the President, long become an Emperor, will heed no warning unless it is backed by threat of punishment.”

The fight is not over. We now need to make sure Congress renounces the pretention that we are the judges and governors of the Middle East. Some are claiming Obama will attack even if Congress votes against him; but he has already wavered, so it is hard to believe he could really do so. God has blessed us with an amazing victory. So don’t be discouraged! Keep fighting!