North Carolina Man Uses “Assault” Rifle to Defend Himself From Home Intruder

Gun control extremists are always talking about how we need to ban so-called assault rifles, because they’re not necessary to own. The only reason someone would want to have an “assault” rifle is so that he can shoot and kill lots of people at a time. I mean, why would anyone want to own the same kind of gun that Adam Lanza used to kill small children? Therefore, anyone who owns one must love Adam Lanza and must love the idea of murdering small children. If all you want is a self-defense weapon, just get a shotgun so you can fire a couple warning shots. Or do what a responsible citizen would do and call the police. They’ll be there in a jiffy.

So are semi-automatic rifles absolutely necessary for survival?Of course not. But most of what we have is not absolutely necessary. Does anyone really need two cars (or even one car) or a big house? Do we really need all the food we buy from the grocery store? Shouldn’t we try to get by with eating bugs and drinking water? Do we really need all the clothes we buy ourselves? We should live in the woods and cover ourselves with leaves, since it’s not OK to have anything that we don’t absolutely need.

Liberals would of course never want to live consistently with their own admonitions to own only what is needed for survival. They simply want an excuse to take people’s guns away. Once they’ve taken people’s semi-automatic rifles away, they’ll claim that handguns aren’t necessary either. And then shotguns. And then knives. And then fists.

Well, here’s one guy who’s happy he had his scary-looking “assault” rifle under his bed.

It happened about 9:45 a.m. as the homeowner, Jonathan Haith, was sleeping in his home in the 2200 block of Thomas Lane.

Authorities have arrested 23-year-old Gregory Johnson in connection with the home invasion.

“Somebody was you know knocking on the door at 9:15, 9:30 in the morning,” said Haith. “I wanted to roll over and stay in the air conditioning, and I just ignored it.”

When the door knocks lasting 15 minutes were followed by a boom and a thud, Haith grabbed his AR-15 semi-automatic from under his bed and slowly crept into the hallway.

“I peeked around the corner, saw a tall, slender black gentleman standing over me with a pistol,” said Haith.

When Johnson allegedly fired at Haith with a 9mm and missed, he fired back. The bullet pierced the Johnson’s stomach and shoulder.

“That was my round,” said Haith. “Evidently, it went through his body and struck the wall.”

Pandemonium followed, and Johnson scurried out. An apparent getaway vehicle spun out of Haith’s yard to pick up Johnson, who had collapsed outside of a day care up the street.

By that time, Haith had dialed 911.

“Once-in-a-lifetime incident that I hope doesn’t happen again,” said Haith.

Johnson is in the Vance County jail with no bond. He was treated and released to investigators after being treated at the hospital.

The man who took Johnson to the hospital is facing accessory charges.

Haith said nothing was stolen from his home.