Non-Christian Looks to Bible for Moral Guidance and Wisdom

Dennis Prager is not a Christian. He is a non-Orthodox Jew who attended the liberal graduate school at Columbia University. Yet by his own admission, as politically incorrect it may be, he first looks to the Bible for moral guidance and for wisdom.

Prager also admits that there is no other piece of work, secular or religious, that comes close to the Bible when it comes to establishing a moral foundation for any Western civilization. He also freely admits that the Bible was the foundational guide for the Founding Fathers in establishing this great land. It was also foundational, according to Prager, in the establishment of every major university in the early days of America.

Prager goes on to say:

“It is this book that gave humanity the Ten Commandments, the greatest moral code ever devised. It not only codified the essential moral rules for society it announced that the Creator of the universe stands behind them, demands them and judges humans’ compliance with them.”

“It gave humanity the great moral rule, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

“It taught humanity  the unprecedented and unparalleled concept that all human beings are created equal because all human beings — of every race, ethnicity, nationality and both male and female – are created in GOD’s image.”

“It taught people not to trust the human heart, but to be guided by moral law even when the heart pulled in a different direction.”

“This is the book that taught humanity that human sacrifice is an abomination.”

Prager goes on to describe how the Bible and the principles it teaches were instrumental in many facets of our lives and our government. It was the Bible that taught against slavery and Bible believers were the first to revolt against slavery in the United States.

I found it interesting that a non-Orthodox Jew would hold the Christian Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, in such high regard and as the most influential piece of work in all of history. He understands how fundamentally important the Bible was and still is to our nation. The more we reject the Bible and its teachings the more the foundation upon which our nation was built crumbles. There will come a time, sooner than we would like, when the foundation will have crumbled too far and our great house that we call America will fall.

I only wish more Americans, Christian and non-Christian, would understand the Bible’s importance to our nation and that without it, our nation will fall.