If We Nominate Jeb Bush, We Will Lose Our Country To Hillary

According to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday, Clinton leads Bush 57% to 37%. Bush does worse against Clinton than do Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R), and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).” – Tony Lee

Sometimes, it boggles the mind how ignorant the establishment can be. There is a wealth of information showing the strength of the tea party, and how well those ideas resonate with a majority of the American people. Despite the mountain of examples showing that with real conservative values, a candidate can win, the establishment Republicans promote the most inept, moderate (not a good thing), dull candidates. These candidates are not only not conservatives, they have no will to fight for their party. They are witless, spineless, amorphous candidates. And they LOSE EVERY TIME.

There are conservative phenoms left and right, who are aggressive, articulate, and powerful. Men and women like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Suzanna Martinez, and to a lesser extent, Paul Walker, Nikki Haley, and Bobby Jindal. Of course, there’s also Sarah Palin—a goddess among men in the new conservative movement—but she’s not running for president. But these men and women spit in the face of what has been established.

What divides the tea party and the establishment is essentially cronyism. The tea party wants lesser government involvement, a simpler tax system, with no subsidies to massive businesses. They want a reformed healthcare system that is based on the free market—emphasis on free—and gives control to patients and doctors. They want the immigration system to be fair to those who have waited legally, and they don’t want the Democrats to gain 11 million new voters through amnesty. The establishment wants things to stay exactly the same. They want to continue their symbiotic relationship with business, choosing winners and losers. Rather than repealing ObamaCare, they just want to “fix it”—whatever that means. They want illegal aliens to be granted amnesty, and they want the tax system to stay the same.

The establishment is NOT in touch with the American people. You wonder why Jeb Bush—the epitome of establishment—is losing to Hillary Clinton by 20 percentage points? It’s because he represents more of the same. We are in the midst of a political revolution, and Jeb Bush represents the past. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin represent the future of our country, but only if they don’t get shut out by the Republican machine.

Jeb Bush will lose. There is no if. If the Republicans nominate Bush, or one of his clones, the United States will have finally walked off the edge of the cliff we are so quickly approaching. Hillary will win the presidency, and the poisoning of the United States will be complete.