Nobody Noticed The Guy With The Bulky Back Pack?

While left wing America and the folks at cling to the hope that the individuals responsible for the Boston Marathon Massacre are privileged white male members of the Tea Party; a massive effort is being made to identify and apprehend the guy with the pressure cooker stuffed backpacks nobody noticed. A lot of well trained and funded eyes were focused on the world’s oldest marathon last Monday, yet two Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) managed to slip through a six figure federal and state security apparatus.

“Excuse me sir, but all bags and packs must be searched today. Please open your pack, so I can have a look. Sorry for the inconvenience have a nice day. “

Americans have spent large sums of money to make new security strategies and technologies available to the people charged with keeping us safe. We have reluctantly agreed to allow the suspension of many legal protections, so that it is easier, and less problematic for law enforcement to catch the bad guys before they hurt us. Street corner cameras record everything these days, and it should not take long to piece Monday’s puzzle together and locate the perpetrator. That is of course, unless he or she has already fled the country and is some rich guy’s kid.

To be fair, a twenty-six mile outdoor sports event, that attracts 500,000 people, has got to be a security logistics nightmare. I have been to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I have also been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. A lot of nonconsensual groping and minor thievery is pretty common, but no one with a bulky backpack gets near the crowd without a vigorous search for contraband and weapons.

What were the Boston PD, FD, Massachusetts State Police and Federal authorities doing when two explosive packed pressure cookers where being hauled down Boston Streets—within a couple of hundred yards of the main attraction—the finish line. Boston and America are lucky it was only two bombs, instead of twenty. I wonder what NYPD Commish, Ray Kelly is thinking right now. Perhaps a little restrained stop and frisk is not a bad thing after all?

America is an easy target. Somebody somewhere, at some time, will do this again and more people will die. No new legislation will stop it.

At this very moment, political opportunists are busy looking for new ways to legislate or regulate the appearance of a safer America. Meanwhile, we wait for 911 Muslim terrorists (held at Guantanamo) to be tried, convicted and sentenced. It took less than 6 years to find, convict and execute Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing, but KSM and his Jihadist brethren still breathe air. Why?

Today and every day forward, liberals and conservatives will take sides and prematurely assign blame for attacks on America. We live in a country at war with itself, where commonsense is carelessly discarded to make some ideology more comfortable. There is a lot of shouting about so called “white privilege” and a “double standard” coming from the left these days. Violent extremism is now being sold, by the left, as a social disorder disproportionately effecting America’s conservative white male population only. How convenient. And they may be right.

Bill Ayers, is a privileged white guy and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, looks like a privileged white guy. You remember these two white radical terrorists that “Declared war on the American Government,” bombed numerous federal buildings and NYPD precincts, and committed murder. Somehow, these violent white extremists—adored and protected to this day by the liberal media—avoided paying for their true crimes and are now accepted in the highest political and academic circles in America. I suppose the people at are right after all. Just ask Terry Nichols. He’s doing 161 consecutive life sentences and shares the same cell block as Muslim terrorist Ramzi Yousef and left winger Ted Kaczynski.

I have some news for liberals screaming about Southern Poverty Law Center hate groups and gun control. Twentieth century America experienced a disproportionate barrage of violent left wing radical terrorism, some of which was never prosecuted. Yes, there are violent right wing extremists in America, but your non-white Islamist “freedom fighters” have them beat on the body count, and they did it in less than ten years.