No Whites Allowed: Black Michael Brown Protesters Bar White People From Participating

No whites allowed? These people claim to be in favor of making our society, particularly the law enforcement community, more colorblind.

They think these recent cases involving white cops and black suspects show that racism is inherent in the justice system today and that something needs to be done to change that. Now, when a white cop kills or injuries a white guy, that’s generally ignored. Or, if a black cop kills or injures a white guy, that doesn’t really count either. The only cases that matter are those involving white cops and black suspects/victims.

So, in an effort to bring this inherently racist justice system to light, protesters of color barred like-minded white folks from participating in a Mike Brown “die-in” demonstration that took place on the University of Missouri campus. The College Fix reported:

Organizers of a recent Ferguson protest at the University of Missouri requested “only people of color” take part in the event’s “die-in,” one element of a larger demonstration that prompted at least two classes to be shelved so students could participate.

“During the demonstration we will hold a ‘die-in’ in the student center. We are asking that only people of color be the ones to do so,” event organizers stated in an email obtained by The College Fix. “We are asking non-people of color to stand holding hands in solidarity.”

“The ‘die-in’ is meant to represent black bodies that are killed unjustly. It was requested that others stand in a circle holding hands,” student Ebony Francis told The College Fix in a telephone interview. 


When asked what he thought of organizers’ stipulation that only people of color be involved in the “die-in,” [Junior Daniel] Beaman, who is white, said “if they are trying to make a message that is against racism, I think they may have failed. The email makes it appear as if white people are not victims of police brutality. Like it’s only a black issue.”

Exactly, Mr. Beaman. Isn’t this group of protesters engaging in the very thing they claim they’re protesting? And how is this exclusion of whites going to help stem racism anywhere? If anything, it will only make the problem worse.

The truth is, this isn’t a situation where only blacks have to deal with an increasingly militarized and brutish police force. Everyone has to deal with it, regardless of what color you are.

I actually don’t care that they excluded whites. They’re a privately-run group of college students. They can bar whomever they want. I don’t care. But doing so isn’t doing any good with eradicating racism anywhere. It’ll only make the problem worse.