No Straights Allowed: University of Oklahoma has “Gay Segregated” Student Lounge

Liberals are always comparing discrimination of the LGBT crowd to the Jim Crow laws that forced racial segregation in public buildings in the South. Being born black is exactly the same as being born “gay.” At least that’s what the media tell us. Never mind the fact that homosexual behavior is something that is chosen. A person has no choice in what color his skin is at birth any more than that person can choose his own parents.

But liberals insist that it’s the same thing. They say that white conservative right-wingers are opposed to same-sex marriage today for the same reason that Southern “cross-burners” were opposed to interracial marriage back in the day.

Well, if it’s the same exact thing, then why is it okay to segregate homosexual and transgender people from other people? Doesn’t that promote “otherization” and exclusivity?

At the University of Oklahoma, an LGBT group lobbied for their own special student lounge, a wish that was granted by the school administrators. The Daily Caller reported:

Officials at the University of Oklahoma have announced plans to enhance inclusivity on campus by building a separate-but-equal student lounge, which will segregate gay, lesbian and transgender students by themselves.

The idea for ostracizing students based on their sexual preferences came from an OU group called Queer Inclusion on Campus, reports The Oklahoma Daily.

“Queer Inclusion on Campus is an initiative of several students representing the issues that are important to the LGBTQ community,” OU senior Alexander Ruggiers told the campus newspaper. “We produced a document that we delivered to a lot of high level administrators about things that we wanted to see changed.”

The students behind the 20-page document had originally sought an resource center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. Thus, the special, segregated study lounge amounts to a compromise.

“Through a meeting with President Boren and other high level administrators we reached a happy medium which was a new LGBTQ study area,” Ruggiers, a gender studies and English major, told the Daily.

“It’s going to be huge,” Ruggiers also explained. “I think it’s going to be used for a number of things, one, to have a sense of community, something that LGBTQ students have never had before.”

The taxpayer-funded school’s officially segregated study lounge will provide a safe space for gay students, OU spokesman Kasey Catlett explained.

Steering a bunch of gay students into one convenient place will also mean less harassment, predicted OU student David Martin.

“Having a safe place will help students be themselves, and provide the opportunity to reduce harassment,” Martin told the Daily.

Ruggiers and the members of Queer Inclusion on Campus note that construction of the segregated study lounge will not mean the end of their political battles.

If they want to do this, I say more power to them. Segregate away. But why stop at a small college student lounge? Maybe give them their own remote island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific that would be barred from non-LGBT people. I can’t see anyone complaining about that.