“No One’s Coming for Your Guns”: Georgia Bill Calls for Banning, Confiscating Millions of Firearms

Liberals think that conservatives are paranoid conspiracy theorists for thinking that the government’s goal is to confiscate everyone’s guns. How ridiculous of a notion, considering that there are hundreds of millions of guns across the country. How in the world would the U.S. government go about confiscating all those firearms?

At the same time, they point to “success stories” like the U.K. and Australia who effectively got rid of “gun violence” by, well, coming after people’s guns. They made illegal a whole slew of guns and then held national gun buybacks. I’m sure the politicians in those countries also told their fellow citizens that no one was coming for their guns. They simply made most firearms illegal and then “bought them back” from gun owners. See? No confiscation needed.

Georgia Democrats have proposed a bill that would prohibit millions of popular guns. HB 731 is sponsored by six state representatives:  Mary Margaret Oliver, Carolyn Hugley, Pat Gardiner, Stacey Abrams, Dar’shun Kendrick and Dee Dawkins-Haigler. According to Bearing Arms:

The bill would outlaw millions of common semi-automatic firearms, standard-capacity magazines, and define a wide-range of bullets as “armor-piercing,” including brass bullets that are becoming increasingly popular for big-game hunting and other lead bullet alternatives.

The Blaze pointed to the part of the law that defined “assault weapons”:

assault weapon

The Blaze continued:

“No person shall possess, distribute, transport, transfer, or sell any assault weapon,” [the proposed law] reads. “Any person who distributes, transports, or imports an assault weapon into this state shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than two nor more than ten years.”

Also, high-capacity magazines are defined as those with more than a ten-round capacity.

This is pretty bold for Democrats in the south. There’s no way something like this would pass in Georgia. Hopefully, it’ll be dead on arrival.

But it just goes to show that there are plenty of people in positions of power who’d love to be able to take your guns away. They’ll do it one gun and one state at a time if they have to.