No More “Opting Out”: TSA Can Now Force You to Go Through Body Scanners

They can’t force you to go through the body scanners if you’re not trying to get on a plane. Some people have completely given up flying so they don’t have to deal with a Nazi-style police state at the airport where everyone is considered a potential terrorist and therefore subject to warrantless searches and seizures. Well, unless you actually look like a terrorist with a bomb strapped to your chest. In that case, searching that person would be racial profiling and constitute discrimination. So, that person should be left alone. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

Sometimes, in emergency situations, we have to be across the country by the next day. In those situations, driving isn’t going to get you where you need to be in time. Sometimes, we have to fly. And when we decide to fly, we’re subjecting ourselves to unconstitutional searches and seizures. That’s just the way it is these days.

It used to be that you could at least “opt out” of the body scanners, which meant you had to be felt up by an agent (which happens anyway, even when you go through the body scanners). They always take their time when a passenger opts out of the body scanners. They want to make it as inconvenient for you as possible.

Now, according to a recent Homeland Security document, TSA agents will be able to make the body scanners mandatory for some travelers. Slashgear reported:

Your next flight might include a mandatory trip through the body scanner, with the US government quietly changing the opt-out rules for searches. In a document published earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security outlined an update to the Advanced Imagery Technology protocols used by the TSA at US airports, adding a clause which allows officers to insist travelers go through the controversial machines.

Previously, though the body scanners were present at many airports across the country, travelers were free to opt-out of the process. Billed as a privacy consideration, it meant a physical screening was mandatory, but alleviated concerns held by some that the technology could “see them naked” and store photographs of that.

Now, though, that option is being diluted, though not completely retired.

“TSA is updating the AIT PIA to reflect a change to the operating protocol regarding the ability of individuals to opt opt-out of AIT screening in favor of physical screening,” the DHS writes. “While passengers may generally decline AIT screening in favor of physical screening, TSA may direct mandatory AIT screening for some passengers.”

No more detailed explanation for the change is given. However, it seems likely that the scanners’ ability to single out metallic objects hidden around the body – and that might have been missed by a physical search from a TSA agent – is seen as invaluable for whoever security services believe presents a greater-than-normal risk.

That last paragraph doesn’t really make any sense in light of the recent revelation that the TSA has a 95% failure rate, and it had nothing to do with passengers opting out of the scanners. The TSA is just an overall incompetent and morbidly obese bureaucracy.

You might want to opt out of using the scanner, because you don’t like the fact that there’s some agent behind a computer screen who can see a digital rendering of your body with no clothes. Or, maybe you have health concerns about the scanner. But, perhaps there are no agents “available” at the moment to give you a pat-down in place of the scanner. So, they can tell you, “Look, if you want to make your flight, you’re going to have to go through the scanner. If you don’t want to go through the scanner, then I guess you can miss your flight. It’s up to you!”