No Bible Distribution on “National Freedom of Religion Day”

Public School Prohibits Bible Distribution on “National Freedom of Religion Day.”

As is the case with many headlines, they don’t tell the whole story. With so little space, it’s practically impossible to get in every detail. But technically, the headline is correct. It’s just that in addition to Bibles, no other religious literature was allowed either.

Previously, this school district had allowed Bibles to be passively distributed on January 16th, which is Freedom of Religion Day. But then Atheists and Satanists came in and sabotaged the day, saying that if Christians could distribute Bibles, then they should be able to distribute their Atheist and Satanic dogma as well. School officials, afraid to pick a side, decided to shut the whole thing down. So, no Atheist or Satanic holy books, and no Bibles either. CNS News reported:

One of the largest school systems in the country with more than 180,000 students, OCPS [Orange County Public Schools] had allowed World Changers of Florida, a Christian group, in conjunction with the Florida Family Policy Council to passively distribute Bibles to high school students on Jan. 16 — which is National Freedom of Religion Day — for the past three years.

Under the school system’s policy at the time, Bibles could be placed on a table in a common area for students to pick up if they chose to do so.

Last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, sued for the right to distribute its own literature after losing a battle to have all outside materials banned from the schools. One of the group’s proposed pamphlets included a small leaflet titled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible.”

The front cover of the pamphlet depicts a graphic cartoon Bible sexually assaulting a screaming woman.

In addition, as reported, the Satanic Temple also announced plans to pass out literature in Orange County high schools, including “pamphlets related to the Temple’s tenets, philosophy and practice of Satanism, as well as information about the legal right to practice Satanism in school.”

After initially refusing to allow FFRF to distribute “An X-Rated Book,” along with a few of the group’s other materials, the school system relented in the midst of a heated court battle and gave the group permission to pass out all of their proposed materials “without condition,” according to court documents.

But now, OCPS has stated it will not allow any materials to be distributed, including atheist pamphlets, Satanist coloring books — or Bibles.

“Nothing’s going to be going on in this district this month,” confirmed Kathy Marsh, communications director for OCPS.

Marsh said no materials will be allowed from outside groups until the school system’s distribution policy can be “reworked” to avoid future problems. The school system is currently in talks with its attorneys to hash out the most efficient policy, she added.

“The intent would be to create a policy that would prevent potential distributors of information from– or assist, I should say, assist potential distributors of information so they fully understand what is and isn’t allowed, and they don’t run into an area that is gray. So we can make it extremely clear to them that which is welcome in Orange County Public Schools, and that which is not,” Marsh explained.

While similar to the original policy, the school system’s new proposed policy states that “Materials of a denominational, sectarian, religious, political and partisan nature shall not be permitted to be distributed.”

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Atheists and Satanists are working together (either knowingly or unknowingly) to get government schools to stop acknowledging the existence of non-atheist religions. They don’t care about their own literature (well, maybe they do a little), but what they want is to be as shocking and gross as possible with the express purpose of banning all references to religion in government schools (except for Atheism of course). And in this case, they got what they wanted.

It’s similar to the “gay” marriage issue. I don’t think homosexuals truly care about marriage. What many homosexual men and women want is the total eradication of marriage. They try to be as shocking and perverted as possible with the specific purpose of eliminating the concept of marriage altogether.

What’s the solution? Well, you know what I’d like. The government school system needs to be phased out. This district didn’t go far enough. Don’t just ban Bibles and Atheist holy books. Shut down the whole school district and blame it on the Atheists. People should send their kids to private schools or home-school them, and then they could teach whatever they wanted (just about). They could distribute Bibles to their kids all they wanted. Or, they could raise their kids to believe in the Atheist faith.

Another solution would be for the school system to totally ignore the Atheists and the Satanists as the childish pranksters that they are. Yes, there would be an ensuing legal battle, and the Atheists and Satanists would probably win. But the school system shouldn’t go down without a fight.

We reported a little while ago about the Atlanta Fire Chief who got fired by the Mayor for writing a book that condemned homosexuality. Liberals chimed in, saying that the Mayor didn’t have to have a reason to fire him; that he could do as he pleased.

The school system should use the same argument. They should disallow the Atheist and Satanist “literature” and allow Bibles. They don’t need to have a reason.