NJ Law May Force Churches To Perform Gay Marriages

Legislators pulled their pending bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the Garden State in response to its supporters’ demand to strip the bill of language that would allow Christians and other people of faith to decline to recognize gay marriages on religious grounds.” – Ken Klukowski

Change is constant. That much is an absolute fact. Given that, it comes as no surprise that we continue to move in a forward direction. Some call that forward movement “progress,” but that all depends on how you define it. Progress, to many, simply means advancement. Advancement toward the future, regardless of what that future holds. To others, progress means getting what they want, regardless of what may benefit everyone else, or what may be morally dangerous.

We are seeing a more dangerous progress in our country. The direction in which we are moving is actually a dimmed reflection of our past. Not our American past, but our past in terms of the whole of the human race. Many years ago, Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Even today, in lesser developed countries, Christians are beaten, imprisoned, and executed for their faith. This has always seemed preposterous to American society, as we are a country of freedom. That is our creed. Freedom is our life blood, but that once healthy blood has been slowly poisoned by our “progress.” Our blood has become dark and thick. We are dying.

This proposed bill, written about by Klukowski, was pulled because activists are demanding that it strip any and all protections for religion. The new bill, if revised, would remove any protection that churches currently have to refuse gay marriage ceremonies. According to Klukowski:

In a state where they can have their way, some gay-rights supporters are demanding that the law allow for full and vigorous prosecution under anti-discrimination and public-accommodation laws of anyone who will not embrace and celebrate homosexual marriage.

We’re becoming Rome. Can you imagine a country in which a church that refuses to perform a gay marriage gets shut down? Can you imagine a country in which a preacher or minister is imprisoned because he refuses to marry a same-sex couple? Can you imagine a country in which a church loses it’s tax exempt status because of its moral opposition to gay marriage? Imagine no longer, because we are right at the precipice of a new country.

Watch this bill closely. If it passes with the revisions included, there’s no stopping the agenda. The gates will be broken down, leading to further encroachment over which we will have no control. Say hello to progress. It has become our destroyer.