Nikki Haley Appoints Only Black Senator–Liberals Call Oreo

The Liberals are never satisfied. You elect a white male, you’re racist and sexist; you elect a white female, still racist; you elect a black person of either gender, and they’re not really black. No matter what Republicans do; no matter how qualified the candidate, Liberals will find an excuse to make Conservatives look like sexist, racist, bigoted, hate-mongering devils. You could elect a minority, lesbian, paraplegic single mother on welfare and the Liberals would scoff. And so it goes.

With the recent retirement of Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, the media has been speculating about whom Governor Haley would appoint to his position. Nikki Haley had said that she wanted someone who was electable; someone who could run again in 2014 as a legitimate candidate. It came out yesterday that Haley chose Congressman Tim Scott to fill the vacant senate seat. Scott was elected to the House back in 2010, during the Tea Party wave; he has an extraordinary record, and is a staunch conservative. Oh, but there’s one problem: he’s black.

Now, in a normal, rational world, a man like Tim Scott would be appointed with little fanfare. But in the Liberal world, this is treachery. Before I go on farther, let me do a rundown of Scott’s conservative credentials:

1. He supports immigration reform that is similar to SB1070, and he wants to strengthen penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens.

2. He wants to repeal Obamacare, and instead use common sense solutions–including Tort reform–to reduce costs.

3. He is pro-life. He supports adult stem-cell research, but not embryonic.

4. He supports legislation that would lower taxes and cut spending.

This guy is legit in every way. Now, Liberals are always up for a good Conservative bashing, but what they love even more is black Conservative bashing. Liberals see black people–and all minorities–as votes. Liberals want minorities on food stamps and welfare so that they can continue to use them to win elections. They do not see minorities as human beings, but statistics. So when a minority, specifically a black person, steps off the Liberal Plantation, they get a bit upset.

This has been going on for years. The Left has mocked Condoleeza Rice; calling her Aunt Jemima, they have defamed Justice Thomas, and they have slandered Herman Cain. *For more on this, I’d advise reading Blacklash, by Deneen Borelli*

Now, it appears to be Tim Scott’s turn at bat. As soon as news broke that Scott was the appointee, the haters came out of the woodwork. A self-described “man of God,” Indiana radio show host Amos Brown tweeted this: “Gee, courtesy of S Carolina GOP, the nation gets Tim Scott an ultra-rightwing, Tea Party devotee US Senator who’s Black only in skin color.”

In addition to this, news stories covering the appointment have been flooded with comments, many of which are quite awful:

One commenter said this: “Here we go again…is this another Oreo Republican?”

Another replied with: “Here’s a hint: he sounds like Jim DeMint!”

A third said this: “Another token uncle tom, working for the tea party bosses. the republicans never learn–they keep doing the same thing.”

Tim Scott was appointed because he was qualified, he has the conservative credentials, and Haley chose him on substance. About her appointment, Nikki Haley had this to say:

“It is important to me, as a minority female, that Congressman Scott earned this seat…He earned this seat for the person that he is. He earned this seat with the results he has shown.”

In summary:

The Left hates a conservative black person. They hate that someone over whom they feel they should have control makes choices that stand in contradiction to their agenda. The Democrats claim to be the party of tolerance; the party of minorities, but that is a lie. The Democrats will use anyone to achieve their agenda, including minorities. To the Left, a conservative black politician is a brain-washed, Uncle Tom, incapable of making their own choices.

The Democrats are so good at lying that they have convinced many that their “minority-tolerance” platform is really true. With the appointment of Tim Scott, we have another warrior to fight against this stereotype created by the Left and the media. But more than that, we have a strong, conservative man who is a rising star in the party. Personally, I cannot wait to see where he goes from here.