The Next Racist Thing: Eating Tacos

Eating tacos is racist. If you didn’t know that, you’re a racist.

That’s the message that the liberal pantywaists at colleges across the country are telling the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

According to The College Fix:, “Every year across the nation, Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters host all-you-can-eat ‘Pi Phiesta’ taco bar fundraisers at their respective campuses to raise money for charity.”

But who cares about charity when a few Latino students are being offended that whites are enjoying their cuisine?

In the past few weeks, pressure from a handful of Latino students at two high-profile universities who complained the events are offensive prompted dramatic changes to two “Pi Phiesta” fundraisers.

At Dartmouth College, the fundraiser was cancelled outright, and at Stanford University, the sorority girls scrapped their Mexican themed “Pi Phiesta” for a summery, ocean-themed one, although they still served tacos.

As I’ve noted countless times before, this new generation of leftists, raised by pop culture and college professors with drug-fried brains, wants to be offended whenever possible.

These young idiots are romantics; they want to feel like they are a part of a great struggle, the likes of which they heard all throughout their school years had happened to other classes and races of people at different points in history.

Blacks overcame, women overcame, their respective struggles and victories were romanticized, and today’s young leftists want to be celebrated in equal fashion for “achieving” something.

Since oppression no longer exists in America for all of the Left’s favorite types of people (non-white, non-straight males), they need to imagine new forms of oppression never heard of before.

“Cultural appropriation” is one such form of “oppression.” What used to be recognized as such a strong respect and love for another’s culture as to partake in it has now been rebranded as “cultural appropriation.”

If a white person wears a sombrero because he likes sombreros, he is appropriating Mexicans’ culture as his own, which, according to these idiot romantics, is tantamount to white colonialism and American imperialism. If you wear a sombrero, you’re basically attempting to own Mexicans as slaves.

No social-justice warrior actually believes this crap, but they pretend to because it gives them oppression points. For the Left, life is not about overcoming struggles to achieve success; it is about overcoming their successes to achieve struggle. The problem for them is that there is no struggle, so they must invent it.

Therefore, if you’re a white person and you eat tacos, shame on you; you’re part of the system of oppression that keeps Latinos down in this country.

The College Fix notes the irony of these Latino students attempting to ban the celebration of their own culture:

Imagine May 5 on campus with no tacos, no sombreros, no mention of anything Mexican at all. Head into the cafeteria and be greeted with spaghetti and meatballs and Foo Fighters playing on the stereo.

If such a thing happened, it could no longer be claimed that whites were appropriating the culture of Mexicans. But those Latino leftists want a struggle. They need it! So what would happen in the above scenario in which their culture is not celebrated? It’d be called racist.

It’s a lose-lose for whites, so the way I see it is that there is now no longer any reason not to “appropriate” Latinos’ “culture,” no longer any reason not to be “racist.”