Newtown Kids Exploitable But Obama’s Daughters Off Limits?

Thanks to Sasha and Malia’s dad, the U.S. economy is growing at historic levels and unemployment is at historic lows, right? How else can one explain 60 minutes profound respect for obscene First Family vacation spending and privacy and their total disregard for the privacy of the grieving and vulnerable families victimized in the Newtown tragedy? Apparently, only some children’s lives are “off limits” and others, well, not so much.

Forgive my condescending tone, but not a day goes by when I don’t want to slap some mealy mouthed, butt backwards media activist for twisting senseless acts into a new reality for gullible viewers. Thursday night, I viewed an excerpt from the upcoming 60 minutes broadcast (scheduled for Sunday, April 7th) featuring Scott Pelley and a group of Newtown, Connecticut parents discussing the Obama led crusade for national gun regulation laws. CBS, once again, has managed sink to new lows with their shameless exploitation of dozens of dead Newtown children and their grieving parents.

Without a care for the truth, and less than 4 months after mentally deranged Adam Lanza brutally executed dozens of precious innocents, the national media continues to use and sensationalize Newtown parent’s personal tragedy to bolster liberal demands for gun control in a contrived war on mass public shootings. But the Presidents daughters lives are “off limits” to public scrutiny.

I had to pause and consider the journalistic ethics of a media that considers publicly exploiting the grief of murdered children’s parents acceptable, yet exposing the pampering of the overindulged Obama children—in times of national economic distress, with record levels of poverty, and epidemic gang violence—is an unforgivable journalistic faux pas.

When is the national press going to begin discussing the uncomfortable truth about Newtown? Why isn’t Scott Pelley confronting the inevitable failure of newly enacted and hair trigger Connecticut gun laws and their inability to protect against the very acts perpetrated last December in Connecticut? Why aren’t we publicly examining the one cause, the one mother, the one father, the one family, that neglected to keep their mentally ill son away from legally purchased firearms? Does the Lanza Family get a media pass because they experienced senseless loss or would the media just prefer to push aside the truth, one more time, to pursue the liberal agenda?

Not one newly enacted Connecticut gun regulation would have stopped Newtown. Not one. Adam Lanza committed mass murder. Mrs. Lanza could have prevented it, Mr. Lanza could have prevented it, all by simply locking up the guns.

Adam Lanza did not acquire his guns through a straw purchaser. He did not just snap one day and arbitrarily decide to go nuts and kill innocent children. From the facts that are being revealed, in bits and pieces, he had been planning the last chapter of his life for quite some time and the Lanza Family failed to prevent Adam‘s maniacal plot. However cold hearted my views may seem, Mrs. Lanza was complicit in the murders of the children and teachers lost in the Newtown shootings. That’s the truth. Perhaps 60 minutes should begin to explore this uncomfortable reality instead of catering to the predictable appetite of our opportunistic President, Barrack Obama and his reinvigorated gun grab advocacy.

Successful problem solving requires an understanding of the root cause of a crisis. Ignoring the simple truth, that the tragic disaster that exploded in Newtown could have been easily avoided with the purchase of a good gun safe and pro-active parenting, is not only delusional, it is reckless. Then again, what else can we expect from a President who ignores the economic misery he inflicts on America, while he and his family jet-set around, frolicking like ghetto aristocrats and forbidding the media to expose them. President Obama can keep his recently announced self-imposed salary donation to the U.S. Treasury. I would rather see him reimburse 5% of the 1.4 billion dollars it cost the American taxpayer to support the opulent life he, his wife, and his two girls enjoyed last year.

President Obama’s delusional ethics and orchestrated media misuse of the lives lost, and ongoing grief of the Newtown, Connecticut Community is morally reprehensible. Likewise, 60 Minutes’ ethically bankrupt exploitation of vulnerable grieving Newtown parents and purposeful denial of the facts is disgusting.

While the Obama daughters vacation at the expense of overburdened taxpayers in a nation on the verge of economic failure, Connecticut school children are no safer today from acts of irresponsible gun owners and their mentally deranged children then they were 4 months ago. New states gun laws will not prevent another Mrs. Lanza from introducing firearms to a mentally challenged son or daughter with no concept of self-worth. If the media wants to effect some good, they should be vilifying the people responsible for facilitating Adam Lanza’s delusional demise, not guns. Perhaps that might prevent another overwhelmed and overindulgent parent from aiding and abetting another Newtown tragedy and her own homicide.

Leave the victim’s families to their grief and their recovery. If the President and the media want the charmed lives of Sasha and Malia to remain “off limits” to public scrutiny and critique, perhaps the White House and their media pawns should treat the tragic deaths of Newtown’s children with equal respect and reverence.