Newly Elected Republican Mayor of Annapolis May Be Stripped of Power By Democrats

What do Democrats do when they don’t get their way?  They pout, sulk and then decide to change the rules so that they win even when they lose.

Such is the case in Annapolis, Maryland, where Democrats have held the mayor’s office since 1997.  In the recent election, Democratic incumbent Mayor Josh Cohen ran for re-election.  He was challenged by Republican Mike Pantelides, who when the votes had been counted, found himself to be the newly elected mayor of Annapolis.

The defeat has not set well with local Democrats.  Now, Annapolis Alderman Ross Arnett is pushing for the city council to vote on a measure to change the rule of Annapolis from a mayor run city to a city council run city using a city manager appointed by the council.  It just so happens that the Annapolis city council is controlled by Democrats.

Arnett claims that he introduced the same measure when Democrat Cohen was the mayor, but it never had much support from other council members.  However, now that a Republican has been elected mayor, Arnett says that three other city aldermen are ready to support the measure to strip the mayor of his powers.

The Annapolis city council consists of 8 aldermen/women and the mayor.  Currently, Frederick Paone is the only Republican on the council.  The other 7 members are Democrats.

One has to ask why members of the city council have not backed Arnett’s efforts before and if their backing of the measure now is nothing more than a political move being made because they lost the mayoral election.  It’s sour grapes politics.  It reminds me of a small child who takes the toy away from their playmate when things don’t go their way.